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posted a review of The APX - Right On Time. 3 months ago
one of the APX's finest. they never let you down!
posted a comment on U. X. B. - Sting Me. 6 months ago
any feedback about the sound quality of this reissue? is it official? thx
posted a review of Don Chrelli - Caramel Ep. 8 months ago
AAA one under the radar release here! new boogie and distinctive sound for the boogie and modern funk headz! grab it quickly!
posted a review of The Funky Drive Band - Lost Generation / She's On My Mind. 8 months ago
one of the best comtemporary boogie realeases. A must have in your library.
posted a review of Aurra - Satisfaction. 9 months ago
This is so good. It sounds 80s style of course but not only, many styles in it and IMHO it's still fresh and funky even today! this music warms your heart. I like the drum machine beats, solid singings and arrangements. Glad I have a copy!
posted a review of UK Players - Everybody Get Up / Rivers. 9 months ago
pure joy for your ears, my fav UK playa! floor filler, what ever you spin; so funky and a litlle jazzy too.
posted a review of RAH Band - Questions (What You Gonna Do). 9 months ago
one of those tracks which draws a line from boogie sound to synth and electro style, so amazing and such a dope bassline; a must have for the boogie/funk Dj.
posted a review of Tom Browne - Bye Gones. 9 months ago
OMG this is soooo goood! the remix is wicked! affordable record, great music, equals, get it now!
posted a review of Central Line - Walking Into Sunshine. 9 months ago
very very nice boogie Central line track! Disco sound still not too electronic; still sounds very fresh! amazing music for ur happy dancefloors!
posted a review of Asterix Music - Cupid's Arrow. 9 months ago
great and underrated release of modern funk! Beatz and vocal are tight!
I wish I had a longer version. 7" is ok but please bring back long 12" versions for the dancefloors! we want more beatz!
posted a review of Lordamercy - New Guitar New Mars. 10 months ago
one of the best release of the label, undercovered and underrated, side B is special. buy it quickly if you can!
posted a comment on Eric B. & Rakim - Microphone Fiend. 11 months ago
HIP HOP HALL OF FAME ! Eric B. & Rakim already ‎brought in the 80s what called the golden age in the next decade. Innovators.
posted a review of Matakena - Nuts On Me. 12 months ago
lovely reissue; as the original the singing is a bit weak IMHO. Mentals for your mixing are dope!
posted a review that has since been deleted. 12 months ago
posted a review of Mantronix - Simple Simon. about 1 year ago
Mantronik: hall of fame of beat making. that b line is a classic.
posted a comment on Will Sessions & Amp Fiddler Featuring Dames Brown - The One. about 1 year ago
solid boogie sound release, buy it before it's too late
posted a review of Gagle - Slow But Steady . about 1 year ago
this record is time less folks, a must have masterpiece.
posted a comment on Cult Of The Damned (2) - Part Deux: Brick Pelican Posse Crew Gang Syndicate. about 1 year ago
repress repress repress this is so dope, massive. repress, come again.
posted a review of We Are Destino - Mind Force. about 1 year ago
nice boogie track! It's all about the A side, hopefully new tracks to follow!
posted a review of Social Lovers - Feel My Love / Time Warp. about 1 year ago
repress is available. watch out! speechless, listen to this and you'll get it too. wonderful, bass and drums strong and solid, as usual! amazing vocals.
posted a review that has since been deleted. about 1 year ago
posted a review of Social Lovers - Love Come Down / I'm In Love. about 1 year ago
Social lovers NEVER let you down. What a banger Love come down!
posted a review of Funk Deluxe - This Time. about 1 year ago
B side dancefloor killa. That bass and beats is a perfect combo and you wanna hear it!
posted a review of Tropico* - Mellow Peanuts. about 1 year ago
wonderful and hidden japanese funk release arranged by Chikara Ueda
posted a review of Demon Boyz - Recognition. about 1 year ago
Best hip hop album of 1989. Full stop.period. Flows and beats were the best ever; DB were innovative and skilled, they were the future, massive respect!
posted a review of Asher D & Daddy Freddy - Ragamuffin Hip-Hop. about 1 year ago
hip hop history! big big big ragga on hip hop, true pioneers!
posted a review of Jay Richford & Gary Stevan - Feelings 45s Collection. about 1 year ago
don't buy bad repress of the LP. 4 tracks here on 2 dope 45s! good press release!
posted a review of Silver Linings - Sleepless. about 1 year ago
fantastic first single release before the 2 years later album, dont sleep on this one!
posted a review of Various - Endeavors. about 1 year ago
great modern funk& boogie compilation! underrated and hidden gem. dope!
posted a review of Saul (19) - Murmurations. about 1 year ago
Slow Man absolute fire! one of the best and underarted RS relaese !
posted a comment on Master Force - Hey Girl / Don't Fight The Feeling. about 1 year ago
that is a nice hint and very brilliant comment! :)
posted a review of Resolution 88 - Taking Off. about 1 year ago
how to turn a great jazzfunk gem into a house banger. Mochi men numero uno!
posted a review of Andre Solomko, Vinyl Jam - Où Es-tu Maintenant ?. about 1 year ago
that kinda record you never touch the needle, it flows and you let it go. True joy for your ears and heart.
posted a review of Nite Class (2) - Love Scenes. about 1 year ago
very good 80's sound like release but too expensive.That distinctive bass line in love scene and stay the nite is off the chain. TOP.
posted a review of Simon Grey - The Galáctica Suite. about 1 year ago
Bruk thing with an amazing disco boogie touch. Bass line is fire. True Bruk and understimated release!
posted a review of Pennye Ford* - Pennye. about 1 year ago
lovely boogie album, Change Your Wicked Ways my fav but all album is good.
posted a review that has since been deleted. about 1 year ago
posted a review of Various - SBEDITZ005. about 1 year ago
the 80 house boogie Bondi Bondi's edit is def the most valuable production in here.
posted a review of Scruscru - Fuji Editz . about 1 year ago
another excellent selection from the Japanese music library. all 4 tracks are amazing
posted a review of Patrice Scott - Chasing Dreams . about 1 year ago
this is amanzing. Jazzy, smooth, groovy, deep house to the fullest. the b2 downtempo track is just the cherry on top. Bline is dope!
posted a review of Sampology, Sam Stosuur, Megan Christensen, Middle Name Dance Band - Middle Name Dance Tracks Vol 1. about 1 year ago
magnificent Jazz funk house bruk record. hidden gem, powerful sound!
posted a review of Eloquent (3) & Wun Two - Jazz Auf Gleich. about 1 year ago
stunning production and big flow. Jazz auf Gliech 45 is def a plus of the whole thing!
posted a review of Various - Sichtexotica III. about 1 year ago
big production and great Japanese & German collab! the best of Sichtexotica collection so far IMO.
posted a review of Black Bear Basement - Beyond Traits. about 1 year ago
Stunning production! if you like JAZZ and HIP HOP this is the real shit for you. Lovely beatz and spectacular arrangements. TOP
posted a review of Ebbe Funk - Tibia Infamiae. about 1 year ago
I'm a big fan of this label and Ebbe Funk is one of the coolest Beatmaker of the collective. Amazing instramental beats, not too lofi and for real HH headz. It sounds jazzy & mellow but the beats are really groovy and perfectly balanced with... See full review
posted a review of Gordo Jazz - Future Beats. about 1 year ago
def much better production after the soild debut allbum. cheap rates compared to the 1st one, grab this, def good deal!
posted a review that has since been deleted. about 1 year ago
posted a review of Donnell Pitman - Joog With Me / Old School. about 1 year ago
this sooo dope! beats, arrangements and singing. everything is boogie perfect.
posted a review of Metro Area - Metro Area 4. about 1 year ago
such a banger, let's get fav. Deep bass and jazzy touch all the way. The quality of the vinyl is poor though. Such a light press. It should be repressed on heavyweights.
posted a review of Landslide - Solitary. about 1 year ago
it's all about the A1 (Bob Henzell Remix) in here, very nice bruk beat, syncopated fills and lovely vocals, it still sounds fresh. Cheap rates so far, don't sleep.