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posted a comment on Make A Change... Kill Yourself - Make A Change... Kill Yourself. over 2 years ago
why is only this version blacklisted ? cause the rest is fine
posted a comment on Morbid Angel - Kingdoms Disdained. over 2 years ago
is it just my copy or do other copies also have both sides labeled side b
posted a review of Emmure - Look At Yourself. over 4 years ago
easily the worst album i have ever heard !!!!! 1/10
posted a comment on In Ketten - Live At JVA Ichtershausen 1995. over 4 years ago
plz some one remaster this plz plz plz plz !!!!!!!
posted a comment on Ov Hell - The Underworld Regime. over 4 years ago
It is not that bad of a album it just is really forgettable