I am a graphic artist currently working in the fashion industry.
My favorite feature of Discogs might be Lists. Please check mine and send me your additions to them - I like the idea of the "hive mind" at work...

It is now possible to search for lists by subject! Fantastic. Recent Lists (there's a search field below the images.)

This indispensable List Of Lists from ksdfjsldfj is a good place to start.

Please DM me if you see any covers with work by any of the artists below, thanks:

Diane Arbus
M.C. Esher
René Magritte
Edvard Munch
Eadweard Muybridge
Odd Nerdrum
Man Ray
Sabato Rodia (Watts Towers)
Vincent Van Gogh
Kara Walker
Unknown (Flammarion engraving)
Unknown (Venus de Milo)

Here are some of my favorite lists:

If You Really Love Me, Buy Me One of These from jpatrickcregan
Can't Find! from Mortmain
Cheap Heat from a-shrubbery
100 funk vinyls from deejaymoses
Oh my god, that's the funky shit! from rev.robert
Somebody coughed and somebody lit a fire from bhcampbell
Records from Paul Major's catalogs from Adoomado
Keepers from SkullValleyRecords
the Ultimate Psychedelic Vinyl hq from Records-Everywhere
Cosmic American Music Classic from Fujimrock
extremely rare, valuable and collectible from panapsal
Christian Marclay's record collection discography from bhcampbell
Robert Smithson's record collection from R.Boren
Tom Waits' cherished albums of all time from WiseJake237
Lou Reed Creates a List of the 10 Best Records of All Time from bbroke
Blue Vinyl Records' rare blues soul jazz & rock singles & EPs from Ollipoeka
My North Carolina Collection from clip326
33⅓ Book series from Internaut
Plunderfonics from 3silences33
52 Essential US Oddities from devrobot
Broken Music from EricLanzillotta
That Loon Sample from TelevisedGreenSmoke
Vocation:Vocoder - The Ultimate Vocoder List from funk_wid_it
Closet Curiosities & Unexpected Finds from storozh
Rareties-Beauties Dust Shelf End from storozh
Ezhevika Fields by storozh
Rumpsti Pumsti from perezprado
Dandy Lions from Timeismusic
HARD LISTENING from pablodiscobar
NOT GONNA MISS - ROCK from topsoundrecords
JpS' Rarities from gentlegiant56
A Stairway to Hip-Hop Heaven (The Greatest Rap Albums Of All Time 1979-2020) from IUsedToLoveH.E.R.
Great Black Music - 110 essentials from TwinPowerForce
Albums re-recorded track-for-track from TwinPowerForce
chirs' ETERNITY TANK from deirdre_dionysiac
The Acid Archives from MarchHair
The Acid Archives - The Attic from MarchHair
Paleotronics - early electronic music playlist from tekisse
Music to fill in the blanks by from jumblebunny
All music has come to an end from HalberDirk
Creepy Songs About Death And/Or With Infamous Backstories from Curt-Rowlett
Releases I have but don't expect to hear from viandy

Black & White Kinetic Artwork from lachansonivre
Black and White Glory from kimwild
Minimal Monochrome from satelllliiiiiteee
mid-century graphic designers, illustrators & art directors from jumblebunny
notable uncredited mid-century design from jumblebunny
modernist & brutalist architecture from jumblebunny
maps, charts & globes from jumblebunny
records on records from jumblebunny
Recursive Covers from Diognes_The_Fox
Same cover on cover (Recursion) from ksdfjsldfj
Original Cover - Tribute Cover from ksdfjsldfj
Album covers on Covers from ksdfjsldfj
Dopple Covers (People) from gatogato
Creative Barcodes from edovan
Vinyl: Records and Covers by Artists - Monographs from Bili-Rubin
FISH-EYE PICTURES from Demonfuzz-Records
Hobo on the Cover from Cluff
Shatter Font from paintedwindows
Egg-ceptional Album Covers from SoLil
Empty shoes from TwinPowerForce
What the Frig Have You Got On Your Head? from HOLYGRAILS
Wooden Box Sets from tsivihcra
Exotic Cover/Back Cover Art from CayoRomero
Remarkable packaging and presentation from hysteric
The Most Unique Music Releases from DotChannel
Unusual Album Covers from yr130962
Weird/Interesting Packaging from Bitter_Dose
Freakshow: A museum of strangeness from hmvh
Experiments, gimmick and concept albums, bands and labels. from exdeath
Master list of Stock Covers lists - brilliant idea from jetydo
gezeichnete Cover from Boertl1967

Cassette Labels from waiwai

💜𝔥💙𝔢💚𝔞💛𝔯❤𝔱💕 from tomatopakora
Multiple Parallel Grooves from paulplowman
ethnic groups & peoples @ discogs from 8m2stereo
Fictional Characters as Artists from timhorton69
Contactee Music, Odd Phenomena, Conspiracy Freakouts & High Strangeness from Klytus
Brilliant album titles from Anamon
Bands with name of city or country where they don't come from from TwinPowerForce
Bands named after a musical style they don't do from TwinPowerForce
Provocative Sermons from jetydo
The Contest from Diognes_The_Fox
Alice in Wonderland from MarchHair, of course!
The Donald from Plastic-Man


http://copypastecharacter.com/all-characters (holy cow! thanks dead_parrot)
Ultimate unicode reference
VINYLUNATIC, yr130962, hmvh, Boertl1967, smokerz, TwinPowerForce, bumkuncha, and mossinterest list lots of great reference materials!

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