"I like the stink of the streets. It makes me feel good. And I like the smell of it, it opens up my lungs. And it gives me a hard-on."
Noodles, in Once Upon a Time in America.

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Frustration of not owning a record you will kill for is a good thing, similar to a kid's frustration of not having the latest fancy toy: it is nothing but positive.
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submitted Suzanne Gabriello Avec La Participation Des Petits Chanteurs De L'Ile De France* - Untitled. 4 months ago
posted a comment on Lionel Leroy. 4 months ago
RIP my dear friend. Your voice will be highly missed.
submitted The New York Brass Quintet - One Alto Sax Or Eb Horn. 10 months ago
submitted Otis Redding - Amen. 10 months ago
submitted Unknown Artist - A Cavalcade Of The Dance. 10 months ago
submitted Nill Ness - Maître De Cérémonie. 10 months ago
submitted Démocrates D* - L'Amour Du Risque. 10 months ago
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submitted OBBC (Original Beat Box Carter)* - OBBC Show. 10 months ago
submitted DJ Flow (2) & L'elixir - Fache Cachée - Inédits Français. 10 months ago
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submitted Les 12 Salopards - Vol 8 - Pété Kay La. 10 months ago
submitted Kway Floss - Naughty North. 11 months ago
submitted 2eme Prix De Beauté* - Valse Blanche. 11 months ago
submitted Brindille - Label De Nuit. 11 months ago
submitted Irany Et Son Quintette Mélodique* - Boléros En Sourdine. 11 months ago
submitted Johnny Dorelli - Julia. 12 months ago
submitted LeRoy Holmes And His Orchestra* - Tabatinga / One Note Samba. about 1 year ago
submitted Creme - Let Me Take Over. about 1 year ago
submitted Robby (235) - Un Peu D'Amour. about 1 year ago
submitted Ray L. Arbizu, Dorothy Denham - The Tempe Stake Presents. about 1 year ago
submitted Michèle Hervé - Aimez-Vous Bach / La Fête Irréelle. about 1 year ago
submitted Francisco Mignone, Noel Devos - 16 Valsas Para Fagote Solo. about 1 year ago
posted a comment on Arc En Ciel (9) - A Toi / Le Solitaire. about 1 year ago
Improbable - given the cover - groovy/funky B-side. Lyrics are not the best (for a funky track), not all singers sing harmoniously, the mix is not at its best but it magically holds together: the music sounds like a mid-tempo afrobeat/80's French... See full review
submitted Arc En Ciel (9) - A Toi / Le Solitaire. about 1 year ago
submitted Plymouth Congregational Choir - 1966. about 1 year ago
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