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posted a comment on Stu.J + UFO* - Resin-8 / Word-Up!. 4 months ago
So so so true! I can still hear the tin roof of Gravity rattling in my ears. Love this track so much!
submitted Bush Brothers, Temporary Mash Up - Ooh Allright ‎/ Instant Mash. about 1 year ago
posted a comment on Mixmatt / DJ Magical - Hold On To Your Heart / Blinding Light. about 1 year ago
Yep, I have the same copy. Can't find it currently listed on Discogs
submitted beXta - C0nversat10ns W1th 0nes & Zer0es. about 1 year ago
submitted When In Rome - The Promise. about 1 year ago
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posted a comment on Manix - Heading To The Light (Remixes). over 4 years ago
My original copy was mispressed, however I managed to pick up another copy that isn't mispressed a couple of months ago in LA.
posted a comment on Menace Makes 3 - Do You Feel What I'm Feeling / Pure Hysteria. over 4 years ago
YESSSSSSSSSS!!!! Can't wait for the repress, will certainly be buying it!
posted a comment on The KLF - The White Room. over 4 years ago
I have a different version of this CD with the same catalog number. It is split correctly into 9 tracks, however track 5 is
Last Train To Trancentral (Live From The Lost Continent - Radio Edit) with a runtime of 3:43
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