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posted a comment on Crass - You'll Ruin It For Everyone. 29 days ago
When I moved house in 1994,I left two letters from Crass,one from Poison Girls,load of badges both bands sent me and early punk zines,eg Sniffin Glue
behind(didn't intend to)
They would have been worth something!
posted a comment on No Cover - 200 Voices. about 1 month ago
Hi Darren!
Sorry I've taken an eternity to reply -
I remember talking to you when you supported The Stingrays(Carpettes) at the Brewers Arms in Durham.
You explained that the Straw Mats name was a nod to the Swell Maps.
I think I spoke to you at the... See full review
posted a comment on The Martian Schoolgirls - Life In The 1980s. about 1 month ago
I used to own this - wish some enterprising individual would release it on a CD compilation(it's long overdue!)
posted a comment on Noh Mercy. about 1 month ago
"Caucasian Guilt" is also available on Earcom 3(Fast Records)along with DAF,From Chorley,
Middle Class and Stupid Babies(featuring a very young Adamski and his younger brother)
posted a comment on Sham 69 - That's Life. 2 months ago
I'm sure I read somewhere that it's Pauline Quirke(Birds Of A Feather/Maisie Raine fame)speaking at the beginning of track one
posted a review of Always - Thames Valley Leather Club. 2 months ago
I quite often take a punt on albums I've never heard before - I'm so pleased I did with this one!
Track 10 on the CD version,is an absolute gem!!
posted a comment on Channel 3 (2) - I've Got A Gun. 2 months ago
Best thing No Future Records ever released -
by a country mile
posted a comment on Skids - Sweet Suburbia. 3 months ago
Does anyone know what the 'weird gimmick" is?
this has puzzled me,since I bought a copy of this late December 1978
posted a comment on Raped - The Complete Raped Punk Collection. 3 months ago
Sadly,a very underated band that were cast aside by the snobbery surrounding early punk
posted a comment on The Clash - Klashing With The Clash. 4 months ago
I have this on CD -
sound quality is very good
(probably due to the fact it's a radio transmission)
posted a comment on The Meteors (2) - Meteor Madness. 4 months ago
I bought this from the merchandise stall,whenI saw them supporting Theatre Of Hate at Newcastle Mayfair 23rd February 1982 -
still love "My Daddy Is A Vampire"
(wish this EP was released on CD!
posted a review of Magazine - Demos '77. 4 months ago
Excellent sound quality -
a band that never achieved the acclaim they deserved
posted a review of Crocodiles - Sleep Forever. 5 months ago
I'm puzzled and stunned that these guys haven't achieved the acclaim they so richly deserve -
just buy the bloody thing and revel in your smugness!
posted a comment on Breakout (8). 5 months ago
featuring Gav Scollen drummer
(The Crime/Uproar)
Seaham/Peterlee UK punk bands etc
posted a comment on Avengers - Avengers. 5 months ago
The greatest American punk album ever released -
amazingly undervalued by music critics and fans of the genre
posted a comment on Gavin Scollen. 6 months ago
also the drummer for
BREAKOUT(3/4 of The Crime)
single "Get Out Fight Back"
"Wall Of Solitude"
(Guardian Records)
posted a comment on The Snivelling Shits - I Can't Come. 6 months ago
Every home should have a copy of this CD
Perfect punk attitude!
posted a comment on Various - The Post Punk Singles Volume 5. 6 months ago
worth buying for the Desperate Bicycle tracks alone - even if "Skill" is listed as "Skull"!!
Excellent sound quality for an unofficial release!
posted a comment on Crime (2) - San Francisco's Doomed. 7 months ago
Suffers greatly from the fact the vocals are too low in the mix -
I struggled to make out a single word he was singing.
Ironic,if you're trying to register your disgust or anger and especially if you're trying to get a message across!
posted a review of 2.3 - New Clear Waves. 7 months ago
Fantastic album - definitely worth a place in anyone's collection!
posted a comment on The Desperate Bicycles - Remorse Code. 7 months ago
Unfortunately I knew that -
can't believe some enterprising person hasn't released it unofficially(I live in hope!)
I managed to track down both sides of this single on an Australian bootleg CD
(sound quality is great!)
posted a comment on The Desperate Bicycles - Remorse Code. 8 months ago
Will someone please re-release this album on CD -
it's long overdue!
posted a comment on The Desperate Bicycles - Occupied Territory / Skill. 8 months ago
Perfect example of a completely underrated release from the punk era
posted a comment on Annie Anxiety* - Barbed Wire Halo. 8 months ago
Would love to have seen both tracks included on the reissue of "Soul Possession" CD
posted a review of The Fall - Fall Heads Roll. 9 months ago
Terrible album - The Fall's lowest point by a million miles
posted a comment on Vice Creems - Vice Creems. 9 months ago
Extremely underrated punk single - it beggars belief that it hasn't been included on a punk compilation!
posted a comment on The Door And The Window - Detailed Twang. 10 months ago
Every home should have a copy of this album/CD -
DIY punk perfection!!!
posted a comment on Various - Good Vibrations: A Record Shop, A Label, A Film Soundtrack. 10 months ago
Huge pity(and crime)that "Don't Ring Me Up" by PROTEX isn't included
posted a comment on John Cale / Various - Conflict & Catalysis (Productions & Arrangements 1966-2006). 10 months ago
Should have included "I Need Nothing" by MENACE!
tut tut tut
posted a comment on Penetration (2) - Moving Targets. 10 months ago
My copy most definitely did not glow in the dark!!!!
posted a comment on Black Flag - Black Flag. 10 months ago
Why would I want to promote two bands that ceased to exist in 1985?
They're my past -
I listen to an extreme spectrum of
music -
not stuck in the past!
posted a comment on Black Flag - Black Flag. 10 months ago
"hardcore" =
would rather sound like heavy metal than punk!
wise up!
posted a comment on Black Flag - Black Flag. 10 months ago
I did see them live,when we played on the same bill at Leeds
- total garbage!
posted a comment on Black Flag - Black Flag. 10 months ago
They were bloody awful -
sounded like a drunk version of Judas Priest!
posted a comment on Penetration (2) - Moving Targets. 11 months ago
Am I the only one,who thinks "Coming Up For Air" sounds more like what a first Penetration album should have sounded like with "Moving Targets" as a progressive follow up?
posted a comment on Penetration (2) - Moving Targets. 11 months ago
Apparently the band were upset by the recording quality(crackles on playback) -
I was more upset about my luminous vinyl copy not glowing in the dark!
Best track and still my favourite Penetration song "Too Many Friends"
posted a comment on Penetration (2) - Don't Dictate. 11 months ago
Love Penetration,but have always thought "Don't Dictate" was/still is greatly overrated -
"Firing Squad" is better by far!
Having said that,my favourite Penetration track is "Too Many Friends" - still love it 42 years later!
posted a comment on Raped - Cheap Night Out. 11 months ago
Bought this when it came out -
still love it to bits in 2020!
Just like "01 01 212" by VICE CREEMS fully deserves a space on a punk compilation,instead of the predictables eg "New Rose",
"Anarchy In The Uk","Another Girl Another Planet","Don't... See full review
posted a comment on Breakout (8). about 1 year ago
Ex The Crime -
single "Johnny Come Home" b/w "Generation Gap (Punk Product)1980
posted a comment on Adamski. about 1 year ago
Sure both him and his brother released two tracks on Earcom 3
(Fast Product)
posted a comment on Crucified By Christians. about 1 year ago
featuring Agar and Dobbo
(ex NO COVER - single released in 1982,
"200 Voices"


"Seen Too Much

Mark "Dobbo" Dobson
went on to drum for The Field Mice (Sarah Records)
Northern Picture Library
and guested on material by Picture Center