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1950 catalog
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submitted Maño Lopez Et Son Orchestre De L'Elephant Blanc - Silbidito. 17 days ago
submitted Les Platters* - Smoke Gets In Your Eyes. about 1 month ago
submitted Eddie Lund And His Tahitians - Tahiti... Je T'adore. about 1 month ago
submitted Xavier Cugat Et Son Orchestre* - Xavier Cugat Mambo. about 1 month ago
submitted John Graven Quintet - Besame Mucho. about 1 month ago
submitted Elvis Presley - A Mess Of Blues. about 1 month ago
posted a comment on Roque Carbajo Y Su Orquesta - Fiesta Tropical. 2 months ago
The front cover shows the same picture as on Les Jaguars - Les Jaguars, Vol-2
submitted Reg Owen Et Son Orchestre* - Down By The Riverside. 2 months ago
submitted Gaaïg - Gaillarde. 2 months ago
submitted Unknown Artist - Unknown Title. 2 months ago
submitted Brigitte Bardot, Jacques Chancel - Brigitte Bardot Dit Tout à Jacques Chancel. 2 months ago
submitted René Feuillet Et Son Accordéon* - Gallito. 3 months ago
submitted Dominique Chagnon - L'Etoile Du Destin / Amour d'Eté. 3 months ago
submitted Aimé Barelli Et Son Orchestre - Rue De Siam. 3 months ago
submitted Henri Salvador - Mon Ange Gardien. 3 months ago
submitted Les Atlantiques - Torpedo. 3 months ago
submitted Various - Popocatepetl Twist. 3 months ago
submitted Ray Charles - Chante. 3 months ago
submitted Claude Ciari - Sunshine. 3 months ago
submitted Les Mar-Keys* - Last Night. 3 months ago
submitted Nikoz Kympiaahz - Unknown title. 3 months ago
submitted Maurice Larcange - Vive Les Routiers!.... 3 months ago
submitted Ben Et Sa Tumba* - La Boa. 4 months ago
submitted Les Ambassadors Avec Jean Leccia - Bossa Nova. 4 months ago
submitted Песняры - Березовый Сок. 4 months ago
submitted Célino Sanchez Y Su Orquesta* - Giovannina. 4 months ago
submitted Pierre Girard Et Son Orchestre - Il Doit Faire Beau La-Bas. 4 months ago
posted a comment on Roy Orbison - The Sun Years. 4 months ago
One of the worst front cover ever... but essential recordings!
submitted The Bell Notes - Shortnin' Bread. 4 months ago
submitted The Mellows Featuring Lillian Leach (2) - Smoke From Your Cigarette / Pretty Baby, What's Your Name?. 4 months ago
submitted Loulou Legrand Et Son Ensemble Musette* - Zon Zon. 4 months ago
posted a comment on El Loco (14) - El Loco. 4 months ago
The group was probably from Bressuire - Deux-Sèvres (79) - France
submitted Frida Boccara - Venecia Sin Ti. 5 months ago
submitted Francis Bebey - Supplément à "Musique De L'Afrique". 5 months ago
submitted Strings Only* - Questa Sera E Domani (Ce Soir Et Demain) / La Guitare Espagnole. 5 months ago
submitted Brenda Lee - Sweet Nothin's Vol. 5. 5 months ago
submitted Torre Bruno* - Chante L'Italie. 5 months ago
submitted Larcange & Son Orchestre* - Tu Veux, Tu Veux Pas. 5 months ago
submitted Cuban Combo - Venezuela. 5 months ago
posted a comment on Readymen* - Shortin' Bread C/W Surfer Blues. 5 months ago
The A-side is a -wild- reworked version of The Bell Notes - Shortnin' Bread (1960)
submitted Alain Bideaux - Nice Chante S.M. Carnaval. 5 months ago
submitted The Red Birds (2) - The Red Birds. 6 months ago
submitted Thor-Ables - Get That Bread / Our Love Song. 6 months ago
submitted The Fabulous Uptowns / Left Hand Charlie* - New Love I Have Found / Whole Lot Of Drinkin On The Block. 6 months ago
submitted The Dell-Vikings Featuring Chuck Jackson - Cold Feet / I Want To Marry You. 7 months ago
submitted Marabunta (11) - Allo It's Only Rock N'Roll / Angie. 7 months ago
posted a comment on The Orioles - Baby Please Don't Go. 7 months ago
thanks for your comment! maybe a note added to the entry could be helpful
submitted The Champs - Chariot Rock. 8 months ago
submitted Line (20) - Comme La Mer / Oui Je T'Aime. 8 months ago
submitted Lluis Torrent - L'Orellut / El Burro De L'Arturo. 8 months ago