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posted a comment on Sparks - A Steady Drip, Drip, Drip. about 1 year ago
The music is great. Sound quality however is nothing more than ok+
posted a comment on Pink Floyd - The Dark Side Of The Moon. about 1 year ago
Agree. I dont miss a thing with this pressing. Sounds sublime.
posted a comment on Pink Floyd - The Dark Side Of The Moon. about 1 year ago
My A-3 B-2 copy easily beats my Jap Pro Use copy. Best version I've ever heard.
posted a comment on Ultravox - Vienna. about 1 year ago
Same with my copy of this pressing. Three more words.
posted a comment on The Doors - The Doors. over 2 years ago
It is not a 73 pressing. The bar code indicates a late eighties edition. Sounds ok though.
posted a review of Roxy Music - Take A Chance With Me / The Main Thing - Dance Mix. over 2 years ago
A very good sounding record, of course, but unfortuneatly the drum intro on Take A Chance... is cut down to the half of it's original length. A lot of heavy drums on The Main Thing though.
posted a comment on Metallica - Master Of Puppets. over 3 years ago
Disapointed by the sound of this record. Low output and dull dynamics. Maybe I got an early morning pressing?
posted a comment on Frank Zappa - Zappa In New York. over 3 years ago
Got the UK uncensored version, a german, a norwegian and a Jacksonville censored (B2) . They all sound better than the 40th anniversary edition.
posted a review of Pink Floyd = ピンク・フロイド* - Animals = アニマルズ. over 3 years ago
Picked up a NM japanese pressing. It sounded flat and dull, just awful. Got a german fifth pressing wich sounds much better.
I guess japanese vinyl isn't always on top.