I like to have Fun in the Murky. I like to play my records for people. I like to talk about records with people.

I do not like people messaging me, asking me to record my records for them or to sell my records to them. This will not happen.

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posted a comment on Various - All The Bleeps. 5 months ago
Whistle :60€ for the compilation instead of 80€https://www.deejay.de/Various_500_episodes_of_Bleep_Radio_4x12_BLEEP500_Vinyl__968656You can save already 20€

The actual price is 50€, where did you see it for 80?
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posted a review of Jamie Lidell - Safety In Numbers EP. over 15 years ago
The track that'll give some people nightmares and others orgasms for years to come still is Sonelysome(o)ney. It's intense with a capital Unh. I doubt I'll ever find another record that comes close to touching that track alone. Considering there are... See full review