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posted a comment on Optimal Media GmbH. about 1 month ago
Very bad pressing of I like the music but this pressing plant totally ruined the sound. It's not clear sounding. Also both vinyl suffer from scratches.
posted a comment on Bolt Thrower - ...For Victory. 3 months ago
Someone really fucked up when cutting the cover. Logo isn't centered
posted a comment on Nervosa (2) - Perpetual Chaos. 3 months ago
I got my sealed copy today. Music is awesome but the vinyl itself is not. A lot of scratches and hairlines on the record. It is also warped. Bad pressing.
posted a comment on Helloween - Helloween. 4 months ago
Can anyone tell me if the sound quality of this pressing is better than the 2 vinyl pressings?
posted a review of Helloween - Helloween. 4 months ago
Very disappointed with this release.
The physical: both records are warped (I’ve tried THREE copies so it must be present on all of them). Also the colour of this vinyl pressing is nowhere near the advertised photo. On the photo it has an even brown... See full review
posted a comment on Helloween - Helloween. 4 months ago
All your issues are the same on my brown/white/marble version (i got two, both the same). Records are also slightly warped.
posted a comment on Helloween - Helloween. 4 months ago
What do you mean by uneven? That it is warped? I have the same problem with (2 copies of) my brown/white/marbled version. So i'm starting to think it's an issue with all colours. Unfortunately Nuclear Blast has a bad reputation with these problems.
posted a comment on Entombed - Clandestine. 5 months ago
Very noticeable inner groove distortion on both copies i bought.
posted a comment on Fear Factory - Demanufacture. 5 months ago
Just amazing. Everything about this release is perfect; the sound, the pressing, the sleeve... It's worth the money
submitted Entombed - Left Hand Path. 9 months ago