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..and we're doing a fantastic job here, the second coming!
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would not be surprised if it has nothing to do with the mastering, but just the initial mixing / recording was over the top.
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This is one of my favorite reviews here on Discogs. Thank you for blessing Jochem with this chance, El Lungo!
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Gijs Vroom is one of the more underrated early innovators of the dutch house/techno sound, and is without a doubt to be named among Jochem Paap/Speedy J (his old studio mate), Orlando Voorn, Stefan Robbers and so on.
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the vinyl version of the Marcel Dettmann remix samples the track "King Cobra" by Ben Buitendijk
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one of the best - and most underrated - producers in NL together with Ben Buitendijk. aquagoos!!
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i agree it does look shady. the tracklisting uses a font that seems way too modern for something from the 90s. it looks like it was done in Word. doing design in the 90s, is something you cannot really compare to nowadays. there was no software to... See full review
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you happen to own a copy of that specific mag? if so, care to share a scan/photo? :)
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Zin in party At least 10 words must be entered.
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errr no topper646, you should be doing better research :) mind you, this was cleared up by Cisco Ferreira back in 2014. get your real facts straightened here;
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love this record for the b2 track!! slowly building that lovely groove :)
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hmm. that promo sheet opens with "The release of Analogue Bubblebath 4 heralds the return of Rephlex for '94" which makes it seem like this sheet was actually made for AB4. seeing that Rephlex often shipped other stuff along with their orders, could... See full review
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Mix 2 on this release has been re-issued as "90_stnd.wav" by "TheRealFloppyD x JPG" on Speedy J's Stoor label (Stoor 33) in 2019. It's still available on their Bandcamp :)
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the drums and its programming on Fortnight sounds an awful lot like Damon Wild's Red Dog. could it be that Norman Santos is actually an alias of Damon Wild? Either that or they used the same drumcomputer unit :)
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agreed with apedap, i think they we're a bit lost while compiling this one. might have had something to do with the fact that this compilation was released just after ID & T (almost) went bankrupt due to the Mystery Land 1994 event - can imagine they... See full review
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maybe because it's good...? have/want ratio is 1 to 3.
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... in favour of / bought by executive producer Ray El Lungo!!
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extremely similar? they just happen to sample the same song. so did Glenn Underground on "Do It" in 1995..
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Thunderdome Megamix 1-5 was most probably done with a sampler and a 909 yeah. also the mixes were most probably cut and paste and not done in 1 take. search for "Darkraver, Gizmo, And Buzz Fuzz making the Hellraiser megamix" on YouTube to see what i mean.
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Nice find, if you ask me its obvious one of them inspired the other. Also the bassline sounds similair earlier in the track you mentioned.
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stop talking bullshit. it wasn't possible to mix purely digitally back then. there's enough footage around of these guys mixing for compilations like these. they would mix bit for bit and then cut and paste everything together.
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the best runout engravings ever, i'll be on the look out for flyers this autumn (once again)
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If anyone is selling this give me a shout.... please? :)
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The B2 track by Adam Beyer is an alternate version of the B1 track on Code Red 8.
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For those looking to buy this for Climate Chaos; a slightly altered version was released as "Regis & Female - C/Chaos" on Dust Science Recordings.
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