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posted a comment on Trio (39) - Triumvirate. 7 months ago
This is not the german Band Trio from Großenkneten.
New entry please.
posted a comment on Plugpoint Music - Last Chance. 8 months ago
One man project of Reiner Ossmann from the small town Buxtehude near Hamburg.
posted a comment on Die Chefs - Super TSG. about 1 year ago
Other band. New entry please. Not same artist with singer Patrick Heischrek as 1980s NDW Band.
posted a comment on Matthew Holsen - Looks To Me Like You Been Crying. over 4 years ago
Wrong label, not released on Medical Records LLC. It is just Medical Records.
posted a comment on Trio - Bye Bye. over 6 years ago
Herz Armaturen Version.
posted a comment on The Cure. over 6 years ago
Japanese Whispers is a compilation. postion 125 page 5.
posted a comment on SIC (9) - Pandemonium. over 7 years ago
Wrong artist. Sic from Faroe Islands and Sic from France are different artists.
posted a comment on Esplendor Geometrico* - Kosmos Kino. over 8 years ago
Cover shows a picture of the Kosmos Kino in Berlin East, capital town of the former GDR. The Kosmos Kino still exists in the Karl-Marx-Allee in Berlin.
posted a comment on Engelwerk - Wet Look. over 9 years ago
A side Project of David A. Line from Untoten
posted a comment on Rammstein - Original Single Kollektion. over 9 years ago
The design of the box is in the style of a "DDR Parteibuch".
posted a comment on Paradise Lost - Icon. over 9 years ago
4 way Multifoldout Digicover.
posted a comment on Kina (4) - La Gioia Del Rischio - Live Tour '90. over 9 years ago
September 77 is an unmentioned cover version of "Biko" from Peter Gabriel.
posted a comment on Sin Dios - Alerta Antifascista. over 10 years ago
Includes a 24 pages Booklet.
posted a comment on Trio - Anna - Letmein Letmeout. over 10 years ago
Backcover with otherwise unavaible newspaper style "Großenkneten Allgemeine" and picture of three Lamas as Stephan, Kralle and Peter.
posted a comment on Trio - My Sweet Angel. over 10 years ago
An Austrian Promo with a shorter Version of "My sweet angel" an different Cover exists too.
posted a comment on Trio - Bye Bye. over 10 years ago
Second pressing. With "Tutti Frutti"
posted a comment on Christian Death* - The Iron Mask. over 10 years ago
cloth bag with photo and Christian Death badge pin.
posted a comment on Christian Death - Atrocities. over 10 years ago
First edition without barcode on backcover.
posted a comment on Trio - Trio. over 10 years ago
3 rd. edition with Da DA DA.
posted a comment on Trio - Trio. over 12 years ago
First edition in Germany 1981 with handgrip and Bonus 7" on front cover and without track "Da Da Da".
Second edition in Germany 1981 without bonus 7" and without "Da Da Da".
Third edition in Germany 1982 with bonus track "Da Da Da".

All other... See full review
posted a comment on Various - Ein Vollrausch In Stereo * 20 Schäumende Stimmungshits. over 12 years ago
3 editions with different inner label colours exist:
Golden label
White label
Blue label