佐藤允彦* - 豹は走った = The Creature Called Man choan

March 10, 2014
Fantastically tense jazz modernist soundtrack.

W.A.S.P. choan

January 8, 2014
You answered your own question - because they are live ALBUMS. Discogs separates releases into albums, singles/EPs, compilations, and videos/DVDs.

友川かずき* - 顕信の一撃 choan

May 20, 2012
The Kenshin referred to in the title is the late haiku poet Kenshin Sumitaku who took as this theme his experiences on a cancer ward.

三上寛* - このレコードを盗め as reviewed by choan

March 18, 2008
One of the two famously criminal records that Mikami recorded for Toshiba in the early 80s. At the fag-end of his professional career, he took to re-recording some of his best songs, stripping out their emotional truths and substituting sickly sentimentality, and the clunkiest of saccharine arrangements.
Of the extra material, the tracks by Reiko Yukawa are dreadful synth pop outings with a horrifying mismatch between Kan's voice and the instrumental backing, and the material from the 'Noriko wa ima' just oozes false sentimentality. In comparison, the re-recording of 'Daikanjo' with Hitoshi Kumuro & Yosui Inoue stands up *just* slightly better. But still, this is very much the nadir of Mikami's recorded output.