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Bach-Werke-Verzeichnis acronym correction:

Some Classical spelling errors
Majestoso>Maestoso (except Bruckner's 6th and Te Deum)

Symbols © ℗
½ ⅓ ⅔ ¼ ¾ ⅕ ⅖ ⅗ ⅘ ⅙ ⅚ ⅛ ⅜ ⅝ ⅞
Superscript ™ ℠ ⁰ ¹ ² ³ ⁴ ⁵ ⁶ ⁷ ⁸ ⁹
€ £ $ ¥

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Grave: Àà Èè Ìì Òò Ùù
Acute: Áá Éé Íí Óó Úú Ýý
Circumflex: Ââ Êê Îî Ôô Ûû
Tilde: Ãã Ññ Õõ
Vowels with diaresis (umlaut): Ää Ëë Ïï Öö Üü
Spanish: ¡ ¿
French: Çç ë ï Œœ Ææ ᵉʳ № º [masculine ordinal] ª [feminine ordinal]
Norwegian/Danish/Swedish: Åå Øø
Finnish: Ää Öö
Czech/Slovak/Croatian/Serbian/Russian: á Čč Ďď Ėė Ĕĕ é í Ňň Řř Šš Ťť Ůů Ÿÿ ý Žž
Hungarian: Ýý Ÿÿ
Polish: Śś Łł
Romanian: ș
German: ß used after diphthongs and long vowels, ss used after short vowels.
French: Première Deuxième Troisième Quatrième Cinquième

B♭ - B flat / E♭ - E flat / A♭ - A flat
star - ✳

LCCN per [ l52062 ]:
• Catalog # same as release
• Manufactured for [ l52062 ] with BMG cat #
• Club Edition

See [ g=7.1 ], Release Country: "Country" refers to the country of origin (the market) of the release. ... the country should always be the place the release was sold and distributed in.
[Germany (or West Germany before 1989; BRD in any case) was the leading manufacturer of compact discs but the market was Europe (or UK & Europe), not Germany only.]

Translated By credits:
Since the sung words here are < >, the credit role Translated By does not apply.

Changed Index tracks to headers as this is an opera or oratorio.
[ g=12.13.1 ]: Index Tracks are used whenever the Index Track Title is the title of a musical piece and the Sub-tracks below are parts or movements of that piece
The title is the name of the opera or oratorio.
[ g=12.13.2 ]: Use a "Heading" whenever there is a block of text on the release that is descriptive of the tracks below, but is not the title of a musical piece.
An act is not a title of a musical piece. Therefore, the title is [fill in name here], and headers, not index tracks, are used to separate acts.
For discussion, see discussion at

Removing the spaces in a printed (=Text) barcode and creating a new barcode record does not make it scanned. See [ g=5.2.a ]. "Barcodes can be sourced from both the barcode text (the numbers printed below the barcode) or by reading the barcode itself with a barcode scanner." The human-readable barcode text includes spaces and dashes.

Changed Artist from Joe (not #) to John Doe (#) See [ g=2.4.1 ] on Artist naming conventions.

Reissues with bonus tracks are not compilations. See [ g6.16.6 ].

2013 discussion concerning the "hack method" for large (50+ CD) box sets: It is not in the guidelines.

ASIN should only be applied to releases manufactured by Amazon (CD-Rs), physical releases exclusive to Amazon, and digital files sold by Amazon. See [ g5.2.j] .

25 October 1990 is the boilerplate release date Amazon used for thousands of CDs. The CDs were released before that date.

CDs originally released on LP before 1982 are always reissues.

[ g=5.2.d ]: "When entering SID codes, please do not transcribe the logo as iƒpi. Lowercase ifpi should be used instead."

FYI [ l52062 ] is NOT a label, it is a Licensed to. Used Other in BaOI for the catalog number.

[ g=6.12.2 ]: A retail release with a promo notice added by means of a stamp, sticker, or "similar" alteration to the cover is not to be considered a separate promo release.

Translated By: For roles that involve translating lyrics from one language to another. This role is for translations that are used in the audio work only. For Liner Notes translation and the like, please use brackets such as "Liner Notes [Translated By]" (or whatever the role was) instead. See

BaOI order - do not follow the dropdown menu - it's a random order: Diognes_The_Fox "adding static BaOI items on top (barcode, price code, and other non-varying info) so that variants can be added without needing to move those entries around"

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