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posted a comment on Pye Corner Audio - Black Mill Tapes (10th Anniversary Box). 6 months ago
Thanks for the tip about HHV! Placed an order--hope HHV doesn't cancel and they can full-fill it! When I originally placed my pre-order with Bleep, I immediately downloaded the mp3 and WAV so at the very least I have had the digital (on repeat) for a... See full review
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posted a comment on Seefeel - Succour. 7 months ago
Repress announced on, even comes with tons of extra tracks. Don't overpay here!
posted a comment on Withhold. 7 months ago
Well, worth picking up the whole bundles as they become available, colored or black, it doesn't really matter...every release is on point--no need to choose some over others!
posted a comment on The Exaltics | Heinrich Mueller - Dimensional Shifting. about 1 year ago
Yes, I too, agree, another vinyl instead of CD or Cassette.
posted a comment on Junq - Altered State EP. about 1 year ago
Don't you Dare! Don't do it! Just get all those releases too: Shinra, Brainwaltzera, Torriko--and play, or better yet, mix them b2b--yeah, that's the way!
posted a comment on Microlith / omni causa - Aux445. about 1 year ago
Will this do? Not quite the same but maybe it will be enough:
posted a comment on Luke Vibert Presents Amen Andrews - Luke Vibert Presents Amen Andrews. about 1 year ago
You can get digital. But a lot vinyl collectors, like myself, know something you don't: Vinyl blows away all other formats, especially when you turn up the volume...
posted a comment on AC Records. about 1 year ago
This Label stealthily releases electro-acid bombs without warning! Makes me want to visit Klaus in Germany and see what Pilsner he's drinking, better yet, checkout what release is next, certain to inflict maximum damage!
posted a comment on Music For The Other People PLace. about 1 year ago
Mind Blowing Box Set! Well, worth the price--the quality of the electro within is priceless. To all naysayers, your loss, my gain! Lots of hidden gems in here--can't wait for part 2. Thanks to Alek Stark for putting together projects like these. Far... See full review
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posted a comment that has since been deleted. about 1 year ago
posted a comment on Furthur Electronix. about 1 year ago
Great Artists releasing Great tunes on a Great Record Label--reminds me of the late 90s, a time of discovery and excitement all over again!
posted a comment on EOD - EODS. over 3 years ago
AQ means what? Bad pressing? Incomplete collection of tracks versus digital collection?
posted a comment on James Shinra - Orbit EP. over 3 years ago
Six tracks on a Shinra EP! OOOUFF! My Speakers, Subwoofer and Turntable thank me--everytime I Play it!!!