My first LP's records were Goa trance tracks & Bonzaï. Afterwards I entered the Techno world. Nowadays I am keen on all kinds of House music, nu-jazz, jazz, funk, disco, 80's & classical music.

My favourite producers are Drexciya, Larry Heard (Mr Fingers), Gemini (aka Spencer Kincey), Johnny Dangerous (Foremost poets), Boo Williams (aka Mandrake, Moon Man...), Moodymann (aka KDJ), Jori Hulkkonen, Kerri Chandler, JT Donaldson and Dj Rasoul.

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posted a comment on Borgman* - Jazzfade. 5 months ago
Both 'Jazzfade' & 'Bowlfire' bring a certain indescribable feeling that I never met before. .strange symphony. Great tracks !!!
posted a comment on Optimal Media GmbH. 5 months ago
Very bad pressing of Tracks A1, A2 & C1 are terrible !!! My other records (20) from this pressing plant are perfect.
posted a comment on Chris Brann - Deep Fall. 5 months ago
Great album but my pressing is really of bad quality: the bass is really too strong (sounds like the needle jumps to the next groove) on tracks A1, A2 & C1...
posted a comment on Various - House Of Riviera 1991-1993. 5 months ago
Great compilation nevertheless I have a big scratch on track B1 (quality issue).
posted a comment on The Owl (4) - Concrete Funk. 6 months ago
A2 is from Steve Monite (re-rub of 'Only You Baby').
posted a review of Jonny Rock - Way Over There. 7 months ago
A2 Class Act, Final Front is such a fantastic track !!!
posted a review of Chaotic Discord - Time Migration. 7 months ago
A1 Modern Age is fantastic from 1:52 to 3:03 word
posted a comment on Jonny Rock. 7 months ago
Jonny Rock you Rock man !!! word word word w
posted a comment on Together Band* - Calif. Curl, Calif. Girl / You're Just Teasing Me. 8 months ago
Time for a repress !!! bla bla bla bla bla
posted a comment on Together (5) - II. 8 months ago
Time for a repress !!! bla bla bla bla bla
posted a comment on Orion (42) - Look At Things. 8 months ago
Global Channel is a fantastic tune !!! Long life to Orion
posted a comment on Tabala - Tabala Mouv. 9 months ago
I would suggest 41 rpm words words words words words
posted a comment on Khruangbin - Christmas Time Is Here. 10 months ago
First record of my collection with such a noisy background like you...No quality control...
posted a comment on Khruangbin - Mordechai. 10 months ago
Worst pressing plant ever...Big scratch of 8 centimeters on one side of the black version. No quality control...
posted a comment on Cignol - Guidance Release. 10 months ago
Already today in some online German shops...Veuillez en saisir au minimum 3 de plus.
posted a comment on Khruangbin - Christmas Time Is Here. 11 months ago
The pressing is really of bad quality on my copy (noise & clicks on both sides)...
posted a comment on Les Choc Stars Du Zaire, Ben Nyamabo* & Teknokrat's - Nakombe Nga / What Did She Say. 11 months ago
Pressing is too loud: clipping and close to 0 dB
posted a comment on Frits Wentink - Two Bar House Music & Chord Stuff Volume Two. 12 months ago
Especially Themes 7 & 5. Veuillez en saisir au minimum 5 de plus.
posted a comment on Pharaohs (2) - Replicant Moods. 12 months ago
Miraculous Feet is the one...From 2'40''
Veuillez en saisir au minimum 5 de plus.
posted a comment on Wagram Music. about 1 year ago
Funk, Soul compilations are quiet but recording level is pretty low and lack of bass (mids & highs are OK)
posted a review of James Tillman, David Marston, Ensemble Entendu, Jitwam, Toribio, Tristan Arp - Various Channels Vol.1 : NYC - Compiled by Marco Weibel. about 1 year ago
David Marston ft. Jitwam & Aquiles Navarro Mercury In Retrograde is a must have
posted a review of Dinosaur L / Hanson And Davis* - Go Bang! / I'll Take You On. about 1 year ago
Remix of a remix...I do not see the point...Soon the remix of the Edit of the remix ;-)
posted a comment that has since been deleted. about 1 year ago
posted a comment on The Sound Vandals - Second Dimension. about 1 year ago
Starter track compiled by DJ Hell: Probably a must have
posted a comment on Leston Paul - Let's Party Tonight. about 1 year ago
Record level is pretty low. Dynamics are ok...I like B2
posted a review of 2nd Shift - It's Been A Long Time. over 3 years ago
Among hundreds of house tracks, A1 is one of my favorites house track. I have been listening this tune in repeat mode for hours in mp3 and recently in vinyl. Highly recommended !
posted a review of Unknown Artist - Done & Dusted EP Volume Three. over 17 years ago
A side: Great remix of the killer Stardust "Music Sound Better With You", voice is replaced by a cool female voice while the lyrics are different. In my opinion better than the original version...
B side Electro-pop combination of Prince & Africa... See full review