I listen to music a lot and smoke a lot of weed. I run some lists to keep track of some dank listens and the artists who play in them so that I can check them out more in depth later.

If you have any info on anyone in my lists please, fucking come forward, brother.

LSD synth man is legend.
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posted a comment on Stercoraceous Copremesis Rhinorrhea. 8 months ago
why are you alive
this is fucked
have you ever caught something that way
posted a comment on Haggis (2) - The Burning. about 1 year ago
So Wattie is racist! Crazy bastard. Bad joke if it is meant to be since it's on racist labels..
posted a comment on Kvelertak. about 1 year ago
The drummer is in nazi/rac/oi bands. I always thought this band sucked
posted a comment on Gary Moore. about 1 year ago
It means he left the band before they disbanded. Wordcount
posted a comment on Святогор. about 1 year ago
nonpolitical band but all their lyrics are about Ukranian nationalism and they have multiple members in outright NS bands... hmmmm
posted a comment on Asahito Nanjo - Greed. about 1 year ago
also the cover looks a little like a penis. really
posted a comment on Annette Peacock - Been In The Streets Too Long. about 1 year ago
VG+ is $35 bucks right now! Hop on it, boy! And kiss the booty!
posted a comment on Annette Peacock - My Mama Never Taught Me How To Cook... (The Aura Years 1978 -1982). about 1 year ago
I always boost my bass anyway! With enough volume duck to avoid clipping of course. The songs are amazing on here as always. All her releases are top shelf, if they sold them at dispensaries, they would be covered in crystals.
posted a comment on Magnus Pelander - A Sinner's Child. about 1 year ago
This is an incredibly underrated album of emotive acoustic ballads.
posted a comment on Wolf (53). about 1 year ago
Trash nazi bastard who can't even make original music! He plagiarizes shit by pitchshifting other peoples tracks. What a loser!
posted a comment on Deinonychus. about 1 year ago
I don't know if this band is Nazi or not (I don't really think so), but their entire sound definitely comes from Summonings first shit (Lugburz). The vocals and music, all. Not unique vocals but I agree rare. Not many bands have that sound. So thats cool.
posted a comment on Selfmadegod. about 1 year ago
what makes them more rip off than any other grindcore band? honestly curious, don't know much about them, they seem to vary though
posted a comment on Dead Kennedys. about 1 year ago
Rednecks tried to kill Jello Biafra in Portland for a reason. They tried to run him over with a truck and he had to hide in a phone booth. They knocked it over and tried to run him over. I know people that were there and saw it.

You wanna talk life... See full review
posted a comment on Marcus Schnitzler. about 1 year ago
any albums or tracks that particularly showcase his drumming in some fashion?
posted a comment on Bethlehem. about 1 year ago
I feel like I remember other blackish metal bands calling their style "dark" metal to differentiate from the overtly satanic bands who actually pretend to believe in Satan for the trolls
posted a comment on Paolo Tofani - Un Altro Universo. about 1 year ago
This is one of the most "okay" progrock albums I think I've heard. parts leave you hoping for more but that's as good as it gets. Warning you now. It just leaves you wishing it was better.
posted a comment on Con-Dom. about 1 year ago
then why does he nearly exclusively perform with other well known, bald-headed, white Neonazis?
posted a comment on Bucketheadland* - Forgotten Library. over 2 years ago
This one mind of surprised me. It's like Buckethead meets Sonny Sharrok on faded from view
posted a comment on Zun (3) - Burial Sunrise. over 2 years ago
This is weird. I love the instruments but John Garcias vocals are a little lacking here. Not quite the pinnacle of his performance IMO. Too poppy for the sound of the band. But all these Desert Rock giants with the Robby Krieger of the Doors? That... See full review
posted a comment on Chaos Of The Haunted Spire - Live At Trix. over 2 years ago
posted a comment on Fontain's M.U.S.E. - Spiral Dance. over 2 years ago
I wanted to like this but I really really do not.
posted a comment on John Porter (20), Peter Braschkat - No More Crying - Negro Spiritual. over 2 years ago
What a shocker from John Porter... I really wonder what he was thinking when he made this...
posted a comment on Farmer Dave Scher - Flash Forward To The Good Times. over 2 years ago
wow this is complete and utter crap
seriously this does not belong
what the fuck is happening on track 2
that lady is horrid
posted a comment on Alpha Leonis - Shadows Of Men. over 2 years ago
This shit sucks hard, the vocals and the whinny indie aesthetic, I wouldn't call this space.rock way too modern indie pop
posted a comment on Bee Mask - When We Were Eating Unripe Pears. over 2 years ago
Regis is spot on, not my cup of tea but others might love it as I see they seem to. I prefer the elegy drone album by far
posted a comment on Matthias Grob - Ouvir Mais - Pedir Menos. over 2 years ago
This album is fantastic! Would love to own a copy one day. Am just learning of you, Matigrob, but I am amazed by your legacy already! Would love to own a Polyphonic instrument one day! Looked into Ubertar, and that route looks very nice as well as your own See full review
posted a comment on Slaughter Brute. over 2 years ago
Just gonna go out on a limb and say these guys probably are about 88 based on them being from Ukraine and looking like Nazis. Prove me wrong!
posted a comment on Sinsaenum - Echoes Of The Tortured. over 2 years ago
I really like elements and parts of this album. The solos are badass and there's some tasty riffs. But some parts come across boring somehow
posted a comment on Das Sonntags Legion - Acid Rain Will Eat Our Culture. over 2 years ago
Some pretty good instrumentals ruined by that post rock bitch boy vibe
posted a comment on Black Sun Roof! / Skullflower - Military Temples (For Coil). over 3 years ago
are those bags of mushrooms that came with this release? Fuck the law!
posted a comment on Skullflower. over 3 years ago
I think the stoner rock comparison might be a little bit of a stretch. Psychedelic doom sure, but stoner rock? Stoner rock is supposed to be groovy and mesmerizing, perfect music for blazing with the homies. Skullflower is more like... Lock yourself... See full review
submitted Jiro Inagaki & Soul Media - Wandering Birds 女友達. over 3 years ago
posted a comment on Atoll - Tertio. over 3 years ago
this album starts out really strong and gets progressively weaker.... hah pop prog!
posted a review of Nya Ljudbolaget - Nya Ljudbolaget. over 3 years ago
Interesting take, the bass being the cello in a modern prog ensemble. Classic outside feeling Nordic folk-prog. Heavy on the prog here, but those Nords love their acoustic instrumentation, don't they?
posted a comment on Foaming At The Mouth (2) - Writhing. over 3 years ago
shitty ass deathcore vocals shit shit fuck shit fuck this shit
posted a comment on John Zorn. over 3 years ago
I think any musician who truly appreciates music for what it is should see that he's simply having fun, and honestly sometimes amazed that he is allowed to have fun doing what he does in front of so many people... and they appreciate it in some way.... See full review
posted a comment on Acid Mothers Temple & The Melting Paraiso UFO - Who Does The Space Troubadour Sing For?. over 3 years ago
Oh man I wish I got this when they came in Eugene. Regrets. I want a recording of the Eugene shows Sycamore Trees!
posted a comment on Begrime Exemious. over 3 years ago
Oh yeah I saw this band live and bought a tshirt. I think maybe a cd too? I forgot. They were kickass and put on such a good show I had to give em some cash as the small time touring band. I can't make out the shirt though so I always forget their... See full review
posted a comment on Nani Satoshima. over 3 years ago
Why are you so good? How are you so good? saw you in Eugene last night and you are god.
posted a comment on Paul Garcia. over 3 years ago
are ya'll SURE this is the same Paul Garcia on both Keith Martin and Gorgasm records? Very fucking weird if true
posted a comment on Orchidectomy - A Prelate's Attrition. over 3 years ago
pretty much nonstop frog croaks and hammer blasts. so in other words, a good album.
posted a comment on Barriga De Verme - Barriga De Verme. over 3 years ago
if you do drugs and metal, this album is for you.
posted a comment on KK Null* - Extropy. over 3 years ago
The only track I didn't care for too much was 5, which was a little standard noise for me, but even that had interesting aspects. This album is a must listen otherwise.
posted a comment on Less Ego More Noise. over 3 years ago
this is fucking weird shit mate idk who came up with this shit mate but fucking weird mate
posted a comment on The Mother Hips. over 3 years ago
this is really a really bad band. Just horrible. I am leaving this here so I never listen to them again.
posted a comment on Carl Stone - Baroo. over 3 years ago
what the god damn fuck is this shit!!! This may be the most psychedelic thing I've ever heard! The effects I've literally heard on mushrooms. This is amazing.
posted a comment on Dredg. over 3 years ago
strikes me as a band that could be good but is ruined by shitty vocals and pop production
posted a comment on ST 37 - Spaceage. over 3 years ago
The only thing I have to say about this album is I wish the vocals were maybe a db or two louder.. great album and the vocals on Vitamin C are surprisingly close! But the jamming is something totally else... ST 37 kicks ass!
posted a comment on Music Blues - Things Haven't Gone Well. over 3 years ago
This shits heavy. I whip my dick out to this.
submitted Music Blues - Things Haven't Gone Well. over 3 years ago