My whole collection is for sell. Most of my vinyls are here on discogs for sale.

You search for merchandising stuff like flyers, posters, record Bags, flags magazines and so on???
Contact me I have so many more stuff all for sale!!!

Some pictures of merchandise I am selling right now

I ever try to send the cheapest way, but always Signed or insure! This is because I need a proof that I shipped your stuff when you paid with PayPal...

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submitted TerrorClown - I Am Forever. 9 months ago
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posted a review of Passenger Of Shit - Floating With My Poo. over 16 years ago
This is a great speedcore production indeed!

This release is as hard as the releases from the infamous Totschlag Records, but here you find some really nice melodies like
from old c64 games, or melodies from games like megaman. It also samples... See full review
posted a review of Wendy Milan / The Speed Freak - Untitled. over 16 years ago
This release is really hard to find, since there excist only 20 copys, which were handed out to some djs for playing it on parties.
This release was never pressed for commercial use.
During the production of the record there were problems, so the... See full review