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posted a comment on Skull Snaps - It's A New Day / I Turn My Back On Love. about 1 year ago
Anyone else's copy have very audible hiss on both sides? Can't tell if it's my copy or a poor pressing.
posted a comment on Love Unlimited - Love Unlimited. over 2 years ago
great info thanks. Do you happen to know who played bass on this album?
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posted a comment on Jimi Entley* / Placebo (2) - Charlie's Theme / Humpty Dumpty. over 3 years ago
But what choice do you have if you want a copy of Charlie's Theme? My only options in the UK are support a seller (right now listing the original Jimi Entley 45) for £80 for a VG copy. That's equivalent to a 560% increase on the original price for a... See full review
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posted a comment on CSC Funk Band - Above The Starrs. over 4 years ago
anybody have issues with crackle on this pressing? Mine has terrible surface noise across the fist track. Brand new too so not an issue with the condition.
posted a comment on Lonnie Liston Smith - Expansions (Single Edit). over 4 years ago
My BGP copy has a severely off centre hole. Unplayable. Anyone else have an issue with that pressing?
submitted Smith and The Honey Badgers - The Billionaire Strut. over 4 years ago
submitted Little Ben & The Cheers - Beggar Of Love. over 5 years ago
posted a comment on Company Flow - Little Johnny From The Hospitul (Breaks End Instrumentuls Vol.1). over 5 years ago
did this get a recent repress or something? seem to be lots more floatin round suddenly

I'm also wondering this. I just got a sealed copy very cheaply from Poland. looks immaculate. "To good to be true" springs to mind.... See full review
posted a comment on Flying Lotus - Until The Quiet Comes. over 6 years ago
yes my copy (WARPLP230) sounds really terrible. Was unpleasantly surprised, sad to say but the mp3 download sounds much better.
submitted Smith And The Honey Badgers - The Honey Badger Strut. over 7 years ago