Stump - The Complete Anthology JockoHomo

August 16, 2020
Really want to get my hands on this, if anyone has a copy feel free to message me. Long live Stump!

Leggat - Illuminations JockoHomo

April 9, 2020
edited about 1 year ago
I bought this for cheap without knowing anything about it. The artwork, song titles, and credit of a 6 string bass made me guess it would be some moody post-punk akin to The Cure, which is why I bought it. While my expectations were completely wrong, this record was in no way a disappointment. Any prog album that isn't cheesy as hell is always fun to listen to whether you're a die hard prog-fan or not. This album sounds like what the prog dinosaurs should have been doing in '82 instead of all hopping on the new-wave train. Rush somehow stayed relevant from pushing Signals out of asses but this ripping double album that can hold your attention remains a lost gem? Kinda sad.

System Of A Down - Steal This Album! JockoHomo

February 4, 2020
With the amount of effort that went into these reissues, one might wonder if the cover quality was in some way intentional? To go with the unofficial bootleg look?

Tad - Salem JockoHomo

January 31, 2020
I agree that these definitely could have been squeezed somewhere onto the 3 reissues; with the MP3 downloads at the very least. They wouldn't be out of place on a deluxe Inhaler reissue if that ever comes about. This is top shelf TAD, similar grinding fever dream sound to Salt Lick in some ways: "brainwash mouthwash headrush" indeed!

Various - Blackbox - Wax Trax! Records: The First 13 Years. JockoHomo

January 29, 2020
Might be pointless replying to a 10 year old comment but if anyone in the future is curious: Front 242 were absent because Epic records recently acquired the rights to their music at the time of the compilation and wouldn't give any permission. A glaring absence it is; thanks a lot Epic...

Black Flag - Loose Nut as reviewed by JockoHomo

April 4, 2017
A really terrible sounding pressing. An extra muddy version of an already poorly mixed record. The guitar is 80% of the mix, and for the rest it sounds like they used a closet to record the vocals and pillows as drums. Boo. At least the artwork is cool, this one will make a nice wall piece.

Skinny Puppy - Bites JockoHomo

October 7, 2015
Yeah mine are reversed too in addition to the incorrect tracklisting. Good job Nettwerk...

The Birthday Party JockoHomo

October 1, 2015
The Birthday Party is the soundtrack to a group of drunken pirates having an S&M orgy with the two-headed lady at a circus freakshow.