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God they're obviously Nacho Cheese, you pathetic philistine. Educate yourself.
posted a comment on Record Technology Incorporated. 5 months ago
I for one have not had anything but a great experience with these guys from the Blue Note Tone Poet series
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posted a comment on Houston Person. 6 months ago
Hope he's got at least one more album in him, these last few have been great. He's still an astounding ballad player.
posted a comment on Various - Spirit & Time. 10 months ago
I have the feeling that between the fact that Vol. 2 hasn't sold out yet, the pandemic chaos, and the fact that Blue Note is highly involved in the Tone Poet and 80th/Classics reissue series, it just hasn't taken priority. Hopefully it'll come back!
posted a comment on Blue Note 80 Vinyl Reissue Series. about 1 year ago
Agreed. These are great, they're analog, and the packaging (while standard cardboard) is of a different, more square construction which is nice. I prefer one 33 LP to two 45 LPs anyway, I'm not that neurotic about the sound. The Music Matters... See full review