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To be fair they were mainly bought by neds so what do you expect.

NM is a holy grail lol
posted a comment on Ladytron - Witching Hour. 28 days ago
Gravity The Seducer sounds crap on vinyl too.

We really need Witching Hour, Velocifero (which WAS released on 2xLP but is now OOP and goes for $150+), Gravity The Seducer & Ladytron (the newest eponymous LP) on 2xLP.

MOV would be ideal candidates.... See full review
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Yeah man, but what about Stud Stunner?

Go back and listen to it again. Incredible tune.
posted a comment on RSF* - We Are Not Friends. about 1 month ago
B3 is a Keen K remix of Molecular from Wettkampf Der Moleküle. It's the highlight of this 12" for me.

Pure Spacesynth style, just like it used to be on Radio Cosmos.
submitted Sally Shapiro - Miracle. about 1 month ago
posted a review of Riviera F. about 1 month ago
Rivera F are a band without any fame.

They started off with some CDr recordings as Rivera (minus the “F”), pure synth pop with a touch of Electroclash mixed with Indie Rock flavour. They were featured on some small indie compilations (eg; Lya Taboo &... See full review
submitted Ballroom - 4:00 AM. about 1 month ago
posted a review of Tiga. about 1 month ago
Idea visionary, thought weaver, mind impressionist, master of puppets, yielder of keys, toucher of felt, pimp extraordinaire, bit on the side, bet she's not your girlfriend, not good enough with his right foot to be a 9.

The truthsayer continues.
posted a comment on Roxette - Joyride. about 1 month ago
If it's a 4xLP box set I guess they'll be putting three tracks per side at 45rpm.

That's pretty nice, although the original vinyl sounds great anyway. Maybe they'll put the CD bonus tracks on too (as well as remixes) to keep it at 33.

I'm not sure... See full review
posted a comment on FX Records. 2 months ago
It'd be great if FX could put their back catalogue on Bandcamp as digital files (the same way D-Zone Records have).

Big demand for these 12", and I for one would love them in uncompressed original quality.

I'm still on the hunt for most of the label on... See full review
posted a comment that has since been deleted. 2 months ago
posted a review of Rhythm Reigns - Fuel. 2 months ago
Chab is on fire here. Full-on chunky Progressive, with plenty of dark atmospherics.

The breakdown is peak time material, including a rave inspired "riff" that carries on into the main beef of the track.

Pure class, with a touch of hands in the... See full review
posted a review of AMbassador - Untitled. 2 months ago
An ideal DJ tool to throw in before or after My Beat.

You can switch your set from Techno to Trance or vice versa.

Proper secret weapon.
posted a comment on Central Seven - Te Quiero / Missing. 3 months ago
This appears to be the only vinyl issue with the full length original mix of Missing.

DJ Mellow D's remix is of course outstanding, but I really like the original too so it's nice to know it can be spun as well.
posted a comment on Time Modem - Transforming Tune. 3 months ago
Fantastic that this album has finally been reissued, and on double 12" too! Does anyone currently own a copy, who can vouch for the sound quality? Is it 33 or 45?

I read that it's been mastered by Oliver Lieb so that's very encouraging.
posted a comment on Oingo Boingo - Only A Lad. 3 months ago
TheBlackCreature, as far as I know the only vinyl reissue will be Only A Lad.

Nothing To Fear & Good For Your Soul will probably only be on CD.

EDIT, it appears they will be released on vinyl too! Probably at the end of the year.
posted a comment on Oingo Boingo - Only A Lad. 3 months ago
I'm especially impressed with the low end on this remaster. The basslines are given a new life.

My original Canadian vinyl copy is probably up there with the best sounding of the original presses, but this remaster just about edges it. Even the... See full review
posted a comment on Tekno Too - Jet-Star. 3 months ago
Available on D-Zone's Bandcamp page right now, in proper original quality (not brickwalled) if you wanna save a few quid.
posted a comment on Tanith - What Is Noise. 3 months ago
Does anyone know where the sample comes from at 3:04 in Five Seconds To Terminate?

The same sample is used at the start of Cubic 22 - Rave The Reflex. I'm pretty sure it's an 80's EBM track...
posted a review of C-Tank - Nightmares Are Reality. 3 months ago
Seriously dark material for 1993. Most of this stuff would have been too extreme for the likes of Thunderdome, it's got such an inhuman industrial aura.

The production is incredibly intelligent, a million miles away from what you expect from typical... See full review
posted a comment on C-Tank - Nightmares Are Reality. 3 months ago
was it a Commodore or Amiga? Never heard of the Commodore Amiga :P

Commodore was the company, they made the Amiga. It was legendary in the early Gabber scene (as well as a lot of other electronic dance music in the early... See full review
posted a review of Martinez (2) - Eisbär. 3 months ago
Nice remixes of the Grauzone anthem, the a-side being a thumping Techno version and the b-side being rather self explanatory.

Sadly I don't think the original "wall of noise" guitar thrashing fits in well with either side, in fact it's rather... See full review
posted a comment on The Knife - Dance Mixtape. 3 months ago
I submitted this CDr back in 2011, shortly before selling it on eBay (as an auction). It sold for £50.

I imagine it's worth a bit more than that now. Crazy that someone sold it here on Discogs in 2020 for £10!

Did they not check the previous comments here?!? See full review
posted a review of Kish Mauve - Black Heart. 3 months ago
Catchy pop with a cool Indie streak.

Kish Mauve are probably best known for writing the track Two Hearts (which Kylie later covered as "2 Hearts"), but in fact that song is not even featured here.

To be honest, the quality of material already here... See full review
posted a comment on Visage - The Anvil. 3 months ago
Good luck sourcing 80's / 90's quality jewel cases in the 2020's. Cheap, bendable cases are pretty much all you can buy now.

Collector protip: Go on eBay (or of course Discogs) and buy original sealed copies of cheap CDs from the 90's. The kinda crap... See full review
posted a comment on Visage - Visage. 3 months ago
I'm pretty sure those electronic thuds are present in earlier pressings too.

Go on Youtube and check out The Dancer videos uploaded from well before 2018.
posted a comment on Oingo Boingo - Only A Lad. 3 months ago
Yes Rubellan Remasters are repressing Only A Lad later this year. Hold on to your money and get a brand new copy direct from them.

Support the label, not the flipper!

posted a review of Chinese Theatre - The Silent Years. 3 months ago
An oustanding album of pure Synth Pop.

With a sound similar to contemporaries such as Marsheaux & Parallox, Chinese Theatre produced finely crafted pop music with crisp production values and highly memorable melodies. Inspiration comes naturally from... See full review
posted a comment on Seb - Rainbow Islands. 3 months ago
The vocal mix of the Friends, Lovers & Family remix doesn't really work, even though you can hear FL&F actually tried really hard to make it work.

They cut it up into tasteful snippets, but then of course had to include the full chorus in the... See full review
posted a comment on Oingo Boingo - Only A Lad. 3 months ago
1000 copies sold out in a week! Scott, you need to repress this. The demand is here!
posted a review of Gary D. - D-Signals. 3 months ago
A decent album of typically turn-of-the-millennium Trance, with some classy dark tracks alongside some which have not stood the test of time well.

Let Me Take You On A Trip is a definite highlight, and wisely chosen as the first tune. It’s got all... See full review
posted a comment on Lio - Suite Sixtine. 3 months ago
Any comments on the sound quality (particularly of the bonus tracks)?

Vinyl rips or master tape?
posted a comment on Ladytron - Witching Hour. 4 months ago
Interesting. At what precise time does this occur? I have Witching Hour & Witching Hour, so it should be on both.
posted a comment on Various - Just One of The Guys Soundtrack. 4 months ago
Please do! It's of high interest to Berlin collectors due to the song Jealous, which was only featured on this soundtrack.
posted a review of Rational Youth - Cold War Night Life. 4 months ago
Just bought the digital files of this reissue on Bandcamp.

The original album (tracks 1-8) sounds fantastic. Some of the bonus tracks appear to be vinyl rips, with some discreet (but obvious on headphones) declicking.

Still well worth buying, even... See full review
posted a review of Classex - Ze Black Messe. 4 months ago
A rather dark & brooding Belgian Techno stomper, but sadly the Black Metal styled cover doesn't really suggest what's inside.

While the production is perfect for '91, and the riffs are hard edged the track dies on its ass once a key change is... See full review
posted a comment on SSQ - Big Electronic Beat. 4 months ago
Big Electronic Beat is a good track for sure, but Playback is full of much better songs.

It gets me how the likes of Jet Town, Anonymous & Walkman On were overlooked as possible follow-up singles to Synthicide.
posted a review of LEATHERS - Reckless. 4 months ago
Reckless is by far Shannon's most accessible track as LEATHERS.

It's pure synth pop, but it still beats with a very dark heart. Musically we're talking '82-'83 era Depeche Mode, with a very generous helping of Poeme Electronique.

As a bonus, you get her... See full review
posted a comment on Misty Lane - Energy. 4 months ago
Just a small note, the Youtube video of Contrôle has some incredibly harsh white noise blasts.

I have just purchased this 12", and can confirm they are not present. Bloody obvious I know!

I'm not sure why the Youtube video has such an off-putting sound.
posted a comment on Astral Sounds. 4 months ago
Damn man, your reviews are so depressing. Why do you spend so much time talking about what you don't like?
posted a comment on Dillinja - Cybotron. 4 months ago
Seems most copies of this were hammered to death. Plenty of copies for sale, but good luck finding a true NM/NM one.

Most look to be G+
posted a comment on Reflekt Featuring Delline Bass - Need To Feel Loved. 4 months ago
DJKrissiB, I've seen a massive jump in the prices of standard issue Positiva 12" over the past 5 or so years.

Stuff that you would have found in Cash Converters for 2 quid now going for £30+. My guess is that it's the younger generation, snapping... See full review
posted a comment on D-Zone Records. 4 months ago
finestillusion Agreed regarding the D-Zone Bandcamp files.

I have bought Work It Out and Jet Star, and they sound incredible. It's my guess that they're taken from original DAT, and moreso are not compressed.

Just pure, original sound.
posted a review of Genetic Sequence - Time / Photographic. 4 months ago
Pretty nice Drum n Bass / Electro(clash) crossover stuff.

Photographic is a cover version of the very first commercially released Depeche Mode track (the original version is pretty much at Drum n Bass tempo anyway), and Time is a self-written... See full review
submitted F/O/A/D - Work It Out / Repper. 4 months ago