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posted a comment on Andrew Combs - Ideal Man. 3 months ago
Very badly pressed I'm afraid. Surface noise is constant throughout the record, no matter how many times you clean it. Beautiful mix of colors but that's it. A very underrated album for a terrible pressing :(.
posted a comment on Various - Call Me By Your Name (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack). 3 months ago
Beautiful colors, they definitely know how to draw buyer's attention. Countryside green is an appealing name. Clearer etching on A/B than C/D, C's is hardly visible in my copy. I'm afraid there's surface noise all over, so I'd say sound's not as clean... See full review
posted a comment on WSTR - Red, Green or Inbetween. 3 months ago
Sounds great. No surface noise. My copy is sort of "pure purple", not the blueberry hue that the mock-up images show.
posted a comment on Lady Gaga - The Fame Monster. 4 months ago
Great sound quality. Unfortunately, two out of three records were warped, one of those two impossibly warped and it makes the needle dance too much on the plate. Sound not affected except for four/five pops but still unsettling. (I'd say) it's worth... See full review
posted a comment on Various - Back To The Future (Music From The Motion Picture Soundtrack). 4 months ago
I confirm it's really off center. The tonearm can't stop sliding back and forth which is quite an unsettling thing to see. Sound quality is surprisingly not affected by it (mastering sounds good enough for the price), but I'm slightly worried about... See full review
posted a comment on Lord Huron - Strange Trails. 6 months ago
It's a beautiful record to own. Sound's good enough and it's great they were mastered and pressed (as in other versions) in two LPs. "Meet Me In The Woods" lacks details but the job they did in "Cursed" and specially in "The Night We Met" are quite... See full review
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posted a review of Lord Huron - Strange Trails. 6 months ago
This is a warning to you all who are thinking about getting one copy of this yellow with black splatter version. I've just got mine straight from Newbury's website and splatter is only on sides A & C but not on B & D which are plain yellow. I've... See full review
posted a comment on Vundabar - Either Light. 6 months ago
I've commented down below about colors sucking in this version. I'm afraid I have to tell they're right. In my copy, the inner reddish circle is scarcely visible so you can't even tell the so-called "volcanic lava" with two shadows of red. Sound's... See full review
posted a comment on Vundabar - Either Light. 7 months ago
Mine is yet to come but I seriously expected this to happen. I totally ignore what the formula for "volcanic lava" color is or whether they really blend yellow and red vinyl together, reality is that every time I've seen a record described as... See full review
submitted Drive-By Truckers - A Blessing And A Curse. 7 months ago
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posted a comment on Drive-By Truckers - The Dirty South. 7 months ago
I'm surprised this release hasn't sold out yet. This limited edition is perfect in every aspect: full-color gatefold, nice color mix, incredible sound and you get special inner sleeves, too. Only flaw: no download code included but still worth the price.
posted a comment on Neck Deep (2) - All Distortions Are Intentional. 7 months ago
Perfect sound. The inner blue circle in my copy has sort of (half) blank spaces and doesn't seem as bold and solid as in the sample images but still one of the most beautiful records I own. I also don't have too many alt. artwork versions and I... See full review
posted a comment on Julien Baker - Sprained Ankle. 7 months ago
I don't have Matador's release to compare it with my copy (6131). This gorgeous 2021 limited edition from Newbury Comics sounds good enough in my opinion. The inner sleeve is plain paper so I'd recommend cleaning the record before playing. Only a... See full review
posted a comment on Sum 41 - Chuck. 8 months ago
I'm surprised at reviews across all versions of Chuck (LP). You'll find people saying that there are big gaps between some tracks. All except for 2004's LP seem to share the same matrix so I guess this should be affecting every copy out there.... See full review
posted a comment on Blink-182 - Enema Of The State. 8 months ago
Sound quality is very superior to Back to Black edition by far. No surface noise, no warping so nearly perfect pressing. Unfortunately, two tiny grey vinyl traces can be spotted in my copy when observed carefully, so you may not be getting a perfect... See full review
posted a comment on Elton John Vs Pnau - Good Morning To The Night. 8 months ago
Vinyl record colour isn't as described. Not mine at least. It's closer to semi-opaque beige (?) which lets quite a lot of light shine through, but definitely not clear. Music sound lives up to expectations and download card is indeed included.
posted a comment on All Time Low - So Wrong, It's Right. 9 months ago
Fantastic pressing. I'm surprised. Beautiful combination of colors. The look of my copy is pretty similar to the sample you can see on the images above. Perfectly flat. No surface noise at all. I guess these are hard to get but I highly recommend them... See full review
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