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posted a comment on Tommy Clayton (2), Tom Murray (12) and Rex Turner (2) - Witch Doctor / All I Have To Do Is Dream. about 1 year ago
the song "All I Have To Do Is Dream" is sung by Tom Murrey & Rex Turner
posted a comment on Rui Bandeira - Coliseu. over 3 years ago
Format : it's not double CD but CD + DVD
posted a comment on Annie Cordy - Ton Polichinelle. over 3 years ago
Year 1971 - "Ton polichinelle" is the french version of "Jack In The Box" the song for United Kingdom in Eurovision Song Contest 1971
posted a comment on Julie Bataille. over 3 years ago
Born march 15th 1959 ; At sixteen firt record and first success "Pas besoin d'éducation sexuelle"
posted a comment on Julie Bataille - Chantez, Chantez, Pinkish. over 3 years ago
Julie Bataille is not Canadian singer but a French singer
posted a comment on Maurizio* / Sergio Parodi Con "I Piccoli Amici" - Sei Forte Papà / La Canzone Degli Angioletti. over 3 years ago
Hi, I have the picture sleeve but I don't know to put on this site
posted a comment on Betty Missiego - Betty Missiego. over 3 years ago
LP with 12 songs : 05 Tener un hijo tuyo - 06 Yo quisiera - 07 Andaluz - 08 Dulce recuerdos - 09 Soy una mas - 10 Nostalgia
posted a comment on Chips (4) - Day After Day. over 3 years ago
the picture sleeve is the verso - not the recto
posted a comment on Laurent Wagner - Roissy 6H Du Matin. over 3 years ago
Laurent Wagner and Laurent Vaguener are the same singer man
posted a comment on Chips (4) - Day After Day. over 3 years ago
this picture sleeeve is portuguese not a dutch picture sleeve
posted a comment on Karina (4) - En Un Mundo Nuevo. over 5 years ago
hello, sorry but the record french is not french ; it's belgian record ; SABAM is belgian, SACEM is France
posted a comment on Pikku-Orava - Tosi Seedee!. over 6 years ago
the year of this double CD is not 2007 but 2006
posted a comment on Letty Lanka En De Amigo's - Letty Lanka En De Amigo's. over 6 years ago
Hi, not possible 1987 because the sont "Ne partez pas sans moi" is the winner eurovision song contest 1988
posted a comment on Anita* - Tänään. over 6 years ago
this LP is not 1975 because the song "Nin se kay" is the finnish version of french entry in Eurovision Song Contest 1976
posted a comment on Peggy March - Peggy March. over 6 years ago
this record is not 1966 because the song "Boom bang a bang" is the winner song in Eurovision Song Contest 1969