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posted a comment on Aphex Twin - Cheetah EP. over 5 years ago
As a relatively newer Aphex Twin fan starting at 'Syro' onwards, I have to say this release is my favorite that I own thus far.
posted a comment on Daniel Avery - Sensation / Clear. over 6 years ago
Everything about this release is engrossing. This is a very powerful, hypnotic leap from 'Drone Logic'.
posted a comment on Slumberman - Mono Acidic. over 6 years ago
Playing this album at 45 would be an injustice with the depth and lush rhythms this album contains which 33 captures.
posted a comment on The Black Queen - Fever Daydream. over 6 years ago
Love this album. Greg's softer vocals coupled with melodies would liquefy coconut oil from it's solid state.
posted a comment on Four Tet - Morning / Evening. over 6 years ago
I love the sonic production. However 'Morning' comes across as waking up to a groggy hangover while 'Evening' is an effort at going out for a night on the town where you're finally ready to party when it's time to go home.
posted a comment on Flying Lotus - Reset. over 6 years ago
The only distinguishing thing between the two that I've noticed is the entity that published the record.