Helene Fischer - Farbenspiel Live - Die Tournee Antony_Lee

January 1, 2016
So wonderful show... She's extraordinary ♥

Desireless & Operation Of The Sun - Guillaume Antony_Lee

January 1, 2016
not for me. I prefer the precedent and the classic "François" :)

Mylene Farmer* - Interstellaires Antony_Lee

November 15, 2015
Euh no no mastering very good !
Album +++ Very good music ♥

Lyane Leigh - Komm Her Zu Mir Antony_Lee

August 13, 2015
edited over 6 years ago
There are 2 editions. CD Picture in colors and other in black and white.

Lyane* - Engel Der Liebe Antony_Lee

August 9, 2015
The Side A is a schlager ballad, and the B Side is a good pop song !

Helene Fischer Antony_Lee

August 8, 2015
The best female german singer for me. i love her voice, her classe, her music, her shows... In live she sing and dance perfectly. THE artist ♥

Spirit Of J Featuring W.A.* - Don't Change Antony_Lee

August 5, 2015
Remixes are not very good... The lyrics are not in good ryhtm with the music, it's a bad idea to do this.

Nicole (2) - Weihnachten Mit Nicole Antony_Lee

August 3, 2015
I have another cover published by Ariola BMG in 1994

Johnathan|Christian - Beautiful Hideous Antony_Lee

August 2, 2015
Brillant Mylène Farmer's cover ! Very good music, i love that ambiance.

Yvonne Catterfeld Antony_Lee

July 30, 2015
yes i love her too ! I would like she had more success... Wonderful voice.

David Guetta Antony_Lee

June 3, 2015
the haters : it's not the "real" music for you because you don't like this style but respect him ! Every artist had the right to exist.
Me i hate so many hard rockers and rapers but some people like them... Nobody like the same music.
You don't like, ok, but don't say bad things.
David Guetta loves electronic musics, and he's good in him style.
I can't understand the people who break the artist who don't listen.
Sorry for my english... But i'm a good french :)

X-Perience - Lost In Paradise Antony_Lee

May 10, 2015
Very beautiful album. Good synth pop and i love the voice of the singer.

Alphaville - Catching Rays On Giant Antony_Lee

February 19, 2015
Amazing Synth Pop album ! Return to Alphaville basic's This album is the best of ever !

Ysa Ferrer - Où Êtes-Vous Mylène ? Antony_Lee

January 16, 2015
J'adore, j'adore, j'adore ♥
Very punchy electro french song

Mylene Farmer* - Monkey Me Antony_Lee

December 17, 2014
I think the same thing ! Innamoramento and Monkey me are my favourites albums :)

Bananarama - Exotica Antony_Lee

November 25, 2014
edited over 7 years ago
in first, sorry for my english... not very good ^^ Like this album... I'm french and i buy it in 2001. In french tv i see the girls in show tv with "Careless whisper" and i think it's a bad reprise. Arrangement r'n'b is a very bad idea. I like the new version of "I heard a rumour" and "robert de niro's waiting". Venus + Cruel summer... Mmmmm Yes but not so much.
The new songs are not very good, except "If" ... The arrangements are a little cheap i think.
And Pascal Caubet and Florent Enfer are the composer and productor of "FROGGY MIX", a french project who sings english dance songs ("No nagging" in 2000 is a big success in France. The only one) The other single of their album is "Razzmattazz" (failded in charts). But the album is bad.
I think Bananarama had regrets to make this album with this cheap artists Lol.

Bananarama Antony_Lee

November 17, 2014
it's a very bad joke your message. Get out !!!

Justin Bieber Feat. Big Sean - As Long As You Love Me Antony_Lee

July 14, 2014
My favourite song of Justin Bieber. Very good and original song.