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posted a comment on Naked Flames - Binc Rinse Repeat. 6 months ago
There's still three more copies left on Dismiss Yourself's bandcamp.
posted a comment on Porter Robinson - Worlds. 7 months ago
Damn..... Oh well, I'm really eating my words now lol
posted a comment on Porter Robinson - Worlds. 7 months ago
Dammit, what a shame. Could've copped it for $20 a few months back but kept putting it off, now I'm really eating my words now hahaha.
posted a comment on Porter Robinson - Worlds. 8 months ago
Anyone have any clue when this'll be back in stock from retailers? Went out of stock sometime in January and the value of the record rocketed from $15-20 to where it is right now.
posted a comment on Black Country, New Road - For The First Time. 9 months ago
The songs were "neutered" because Isaac didn't want personal lyrics about his sexual insecurities to become spotlighted on the album. He goes into it on the new Athens, France, saying he's regretful for penning the lyrics. Be a bit more sympathetic.
posted a comment on R.A.P. Ferreira And The Jefferson Park Boys - Purple Moonlight Pages. about 1 year ago
I feel the pain, it does suck seeing records cost more as time goes on. Honestly if it were a big label like 4AD or something pulling shit like this I'd be disgusted and held off from ever putting my wallet down for the music. Hell it already kinda is... See full review
posted a comment on R.A.P. Ferreira And The Jefferson Park Boys - Purple Moonlight Pages. about 1 year ago
Ain't he literally doing all the packaging and shipping by himself out of his own home? If he wants to scalp his own records so that he actually makes back the dimes that he'd lose selling them at an industry rate (when he's very much making something... See full review
posted a review of Tyler, The Creator - Igor. about 1 year ago
Got my copy through my local record store. My copy has some warping, but asides that the pressing is pretty good (didn't notice any distortion or problems with EARFQUAKE when i heard it), hardly much noise at all throughout the record (asides GONE,... See full review
posted a review of Yves Tumor - Heaven To A Tortured Mind. about 1 year ago
Great quality sound and mixing, some light hissing at quiet parts of the A side. Otherwise, good pressing. Decent album too, wished the record were a couple minutes longer.
posted a comment on Squarepusher - Be Up A Hello. about 1 year ago
I meant that the record is consistently on the aggressive and sonically active side and less focused on lows and quiet parts asides the two ambient interludes.
Unless you have something actually worth saying please go be a smartass elsewhere.
posted a review of Dan Deacon - Mystic Familiar. about 1 year ago
Plays wonderfully on silver wax minus some minor wooshing on the B-side. Artwork is immaculate and detailed on the front and back. Also so happens that the music is some of Dan's best to date. Amazing and truly life-affirming music.
posted a review of Squarepusher - Be Up A Hello. about 1 year ago
Super neat and minimal packaging (though I wished the little prints were in their own sleeve separate from the record) and flawless sounding vinyl. Good dynamics (though I don't know if it matters much since the record is consistently loud), zero... See full review
posted a comment on Sweet Trip - Velocity : Design : Comfort. about 1 year ago :)
(here are some more words to please discogs thanks)
posted a comment on Global Communication - 76:14. about 1 year ago
Save your money, don't shell out for the unauthorized MOV repress. GC themselves have stated that only they have the masters, thus the MOV repress would've been mastered from a CD copy.
They've also said that they're currently putting the finishing... See full review
posted a review of JPEGMAFIA - All My Heroes Are Cornballs. about 1 year ago
Very underwhelming packaging, and not a gatefold despite being a double album. Still sounds pretty great, good bass and dynamics. Not much surface noise at all.
posted a comment on Lemon Demon - Nature Tapes. about 1 year ago
It's an old song of his from about nine years ago. You can hear it here:
over 2 years ago
posted a comment on Swans - Soundtracks For The Blind. over 2 years ago
Still wondering about this, when I saw that I went and skipped the boxset version specifically to get this gatefold version instead. I'm guessing they'll announce it alongside their next album?
posted a review of American Football - American Football (Deluxe). over 3 years ago
My A-side is abysmal. Nonstop crackling throughout Never Meant and the rest of the side. The other sides sound fine, but jeeeesus this is horrific. I'm guessing I'm unlucky as I haven't seen too many people run into this issue.
posted a review of The 1975 - A Brief Inquiry Into Online Relationships. over 3 years ago
The packaging might be very nicely put together and fancy but the records themselves are so flatly mixed and quiet that it's unbearable. There's ZERO punch or dynamics to this whole album, it's like they didn't even bother mixing it for vinyl. It's so... See full review
posted a comment on Playboi Carti - Die Lit. over 3 years ago
Hope to god this gets an actual vinyl issue someday. Really frustrating that they cancelled it without any further mention or explanation.
posted a review of Brockhampton - Iridescence. over 3 years ago
Top seam of the jacket split during shipment. There's a pretty decent dynamic sound with the vinyl mastering, the low end is fairly solid from what I can tell, though I'm not sure if it's much different from the digital master. Pressing itself, not so... See full review
posted a review of Primus - Pork Soda. over 3 years ago
Very nice and evened out mix, everything feels in its place and the surface noise is minimally heard to none at all. Flat, thick, and heavy records. Packaging is great though the gatefold sleeves jut out when the records are removed, which is pretty... See full review
posted a review of Yves Tumor - Safe In The Hands Of Love. over 3 years ago
FANTASTIC sounding record. Records were dirty out of the sleeve but a nice clean revealed a pristine sounding master. Definitely clean it before playing. Flat and beautiful. Love the packaging too.
posted a review of Death Grips - Year Of The Snitch. over 3 years ago
So, positives out the way. I love the packaging, the cut out sleeve with the alternate reversed artwork is really neat. The record seems to have been mixed well on the transfer to vinyl as well, there's a good bassy sound to the low end parts of the... See full review
posted a review of Low - Double Negative. over 3 years ago
Distortion ain't too much of a problem for this record as it's basically mixed to be distorted as hell anyways! Very good album though, first side sounds great even while peaking at 26min. Packaging is nice too, well built cardboard jacket. Lovely... See full review
posted a comment on Jlin - Dark Energy . over 3 years ago
Pressing this 40min low-end heavy footwork record onto a single LP would require squishing the grooves a lot closer together, which means the mixing would be forced to de-emphasize the bass. The bass is a crucial part of this album, obviously.... See full review
posted a review of Aphex Twin - Collapse EP. over 3 years ago
INSANE bass on this EP, one of the most well mixed records I've heard in a long while. This feels like it was truly meant to be heard on vinyl. Super thin, flat pressing. Amazing audio quality, only some slight gentle pops here and there across the... See full review
posted a comment on Sufjan Stevens - Carrie & Lowell Live. over 3 years ago
This whole live album deserves a full physical release, would absolutely adore to hear the live renditions of Fourth of July and Drawn to the Blood on wax, not to mention the recording is pretty phenomenal. Hell, you could probably make it a 3xLP if... See full review
posted a comment on Autechre - NTS Sessions. over 3 years ago
I mean, you can't fit 58min of music onto one LP so can you really blame them lol
posted a comment on Tim Hecker - Virgins. over 3 years ago
Anyone have any clue what the bonus track sounds like? It seems impossible to get anywhere online.
posted a comment on Wire - Pink Flag. over 3 years ago
Some people don't have the money to shell out $100 for an album. Also there is no such thing as true record collecting, anyone who buys records is a record collector period. There is no reason for gatekeeping.
posted a comment on U2 - The Joshua Tree. over 3 years ago
If it were put on a single record the dynamics would be flat and there's be more potential for groove errors like skipping and surface noise. Putting a 50min record on two records would give the grooves more room for bass and dynamics. Also lets... See full review
posted a review of JPEGMAFIA - Veteran. over 3 years ago
Extremely quiet pressing, kinda flat dynamics with barely any bass. Audio quality is decent all things asides, considering how squished the grooves are. My copy came with visible amounts of warping but both sides play back fine as is.
posted a comment on Merzbow - Pulse Demon. over 3 years ago
The page was up for two hours, there were about 80 or so left when i got there (only an hour late). They even made available the date and time when it'd be available to buy. Don't complain.
posted a comment on Matmos - Ultimate Care II. over 4 years ago
Well that sucks. Either way, hope it gets uploaded somewhere online for us to hear.
posted a review of Car Seat Headrest - Twin Fantasy. over 4 years ago
Slight occasional pop at random intervals throughout the record, the vocals sound fairly distorted at high points too (especially at the start of the piano interlude on Famous Prophets). Still a great pressing, 10/10 packaging and the music itself is godlike. See full review
posted a comment on Car Seat Headrest - How To Leave Town. over 4 years ago
It was released as an EP.
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posted a comment on Aphex Twin - Selected Ambient Works Volume II. over 4 years ago
It's on the Aphex Twin Bleep page.
10 more words please.
posted a comment on Oneohtrix Point Never - Replica. over 4 years ago
Hearing it now, yeah, the piano specifically on the title track has a noticeable distortion. Never knew why I didn't notice it before.
posted a comment on Squarepusher. over 4 years ago
God knows at this point, I'm willing to bet FACT just misread something when they wrote that article since Warp didn't confirm anything either. Feels like they might've reported it too early, since nothing was made to deny it. Who knows.
posted a review of Biosphere - Substrata. over 4 years ago
Very crackly, Side C has a really nasty pop, and Side D is unlistenable. The packaging and music itself is great though.
posted a review of Brockhampton - Saturation. over 4 years ago
Nice bonuses and it's great to have all of the albums on CD. Shame that the box itself is pretty flimsy, feels like it could fall apart or unfold at any moment.
posted a comment on Tyler, The Creator - Scum Fuck Flower Boy. over 4 years ago
If you were to put it on one record you'd have to rearrange the tracklist or make the B-side 25min long. Especially since it has a lot of bass, shoving it all on one LP and removing the amount of space for the grooves to breathe would diminish the... See full review
posted a comment on Vince Staples - Big Fish Theory. over 4 years ago
Higher audio fidelity and allows for a bassier sound considering it doubles as an electronic album with the sophisticated production. Shoving it on one disc would be convenient but it would also potentially lessen the quality of the sound.
That being... See full review
posted a comment on The Caretaker - Everywhere At The End Of Time Stages 1-3. over 4 years ago
Anyone else know how many copies were made? 10 words.
posted a comment that has since been deleted. over 4 years ago
posted a review of Iglooghost - Neō Wax Bloom. over 4 years ago
My copy has the label for Side D printed slightly off center, with the label of Side C itself chipped/torn slightly on the top. Quiet pressing, flat. Can confirm that my copy does in fact have "Zen Champ" labeled as "Zen Thug" for some reason (says... See full review
posted a comment on My Bloody Valentine - Loveless. over 4 years ago
"kevin is currently finishing an all analog vinyl version of loveless and isn’t anything and is also working on material for a new my bloody valentine album to be released in 2018."
This is the most... See full review
posted a review of Lil Ugly Mane - Three Sided Tape Volume 1. over 4 years ago
Sounds fantastic, the Secret Side makes this a very welcome addition to my collection. Pick this up while you can!