Various ‎– Art Of Field Recording: Volume II

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Dust-to-Digital ‎– DTD-12
4 × CD, Compilation
Box Set
Blues, Folk, World, & Country


1-1 Fidel Martin La Grondeuse 1:55
1-2 Eddie Bowles Blues 4:13
1-3 Frosty Lamb And Buzz Fountain 12th Street Rag 1:44
1-4 Dwight Lamb Danish Galop 1:15
1-5 Tony Bryant Broken Down Engine 4:12
1-6 The Balfa Brothers And Nathan Abshire J'Ai Passé Devant La Porte 2:58
1-7 The Balfa Brothers And Nathan Abshire Colinda 1:38
1-8 Jake Staggers Garfield 2:23
1-9 Bobby McMillon The Devil Song (Child 275) 5:14
1-10 John W. Summers Unnamed Tune 2:04
1-11 Kirk Brandenberger And Art Rosenbaum Going Across The Prairie 3:52
1-12 Uncle John Patterson Muddy Roads Of Georgia 3:08
1-13 Cecil Barfield Georgia Blues 5:15
1-14 Mary Lomax Billy Staffer (The State Of Arkansas) (Laws H1) 2:57
1-15 Eller Brothers* Cindy In The Summertime 2:17
1-16 Ross Brown (3) And Howard Cunningham General Lee's Surrender 2:06
1-17 Neal Patman* Shortnin' Bread 1:47
1-18 Juanita Shehan And Oscar "Shorty" Shehan* Free Little Bird 1:47
1-19 Juanita Shehan And Oscar "Shorty" Shehan* The Soldier And The Lady (Laws P14) 3:10
1-20 Shirley Griffith Big Road Blues 2:56
1-21 Pete Steele Harlan County Farewell Tune (Rambling Hobo) 1:04
1-22 Earl Murphy And Andy Carlson Marmaduke's Hornpipe 2:49
1-23 Bert Hare Jonah 2:54
1-24 Smokey McKinnis And Bob Black (2) Turkey In The Straw 2:32
1-25 Clester Hounchell Paddy On The Turnpike 1:37
1-26 Anna Sandage Underhill Play Party Songs: In This Ring / I'd Rather Be A Farmer's Boy 0:43
1-27 The Chancey Brothers Mulberry Gap / Cumberland Gap 3:35
1-28 Louis Riendeau And Henry Riendeau Fred Rogers' Reel 1:42
1-29 Scrapper Blackwell Goin' Where The Monon Crosses The Yellow Dog 4:47
2-1 Brown's Chapel Choir Welcome Home 3:16
2-2 The Myers Family And Friends The River Of Jordan 2:11
2-3 Sister Fleeta Mitchell And Rev. Nathaniel Mitchell* With Lucy Barnes And Brady "Doc" Barnes* Brother, You Ought T've Been There 1:31
2-4 Georgia Sacred Harp Convention New Prospect 2:46
2-5 Bert Hare No Man Can Love Me Like Jesus 2:48
2-6 Ebenezer East Church He's Calling Me 3:02
2-7 Gordon Tanner And Smokey Joe Miller (2) Out Of My Bondage 3:03
2-8 Tickanetley Primitive Baptist Church Mother, Tell Me Of The Angels 3:00
2-9 Otha Cooper No Room At The Hotel 3:53
2-10 The Traveling Inner Lights Let's Have A Family Prayer 4:50
2-11 Golden River Grass Over In The Glory Land 2:33
2-12 Rev. Willie Mae Eberhart, Sister Fleeta Mitchell And Eddie Ruth Pringle A Charge To Keep I Have 5:44
2-13 Jake Staggers And Family* How Long The Train Been Gone? 2:45
2-14 Pilgrim's Rest Primitive Baptist Church Lord, Remember Me 5:58
2-15 McIntosh County Shouters* Eve And Adam (Pickin' Up Leaves) 4:12
2-16 Otha Cooper And Imogene Riggens There's A Man Going Around Taking Names 1:38
2-17 Lucy Barnes And Brady "Doc" Barnes* Savior, Don't You Pass Me By 4:16
2-18 Laethe Eller And Berthie Rogers Oh That Terrible Day 3:39
2-19 Cora Thompson I Know I Got Religion 3:15
2-20 Silver Light Gospel Singers Dry Bones 5:11
2-21 House Of God, Sarasota, Florida Walk With Me 8:09
Accompanied Songs And Ballads
3-1 The Chancey Brothers I Wish I Was A Mole In The Ground 4:05
3-2 The Eller Family Going To Georgia 3:04
3-3 George Gibson Southern Texas 3:07
3-4 Lucy Barnes And Brady "Doc" Barnes* Raise A Ruckus Tonight 3:01
3-5 The Myers Family And Friends The Rambling Boy (Laws L12) 2:05
3-6 Shorty Ralph Reynolds Want To Go To Cuba, Can't Go Now 2:34
3-7 Ola Belle Reed The Boat's Up The River 1:17
3-8 Pat Hudson (3) Hog Drivers 3:07
3-9 W. Guy Bruce As I Walked Out One Morning In Spring 1:13
3-10 Gordon Tanner And Smokey Joe Miller (2) Devilish Mary 2:42
3-11 Buell Kazee Barbara Allen (Child 84) 6:40
3-12 Jack Bean Steamboat Bill 2:15
3-13 Lawrence Eller And Ross Brown (3) John Henry (Laws I1) 3:35
3-14 Mose Parker John Henry (Laws I1) 4:07
3-15 Willard Benson John Hardy (Laws I2) 2:54
3-16 The Myers Family And Friends Old Joe Clark 3:04
3-17 Dr. C. B. Skelton The Miller's Will (Laws Q21) 5:34
3-18 Lawrence Eller On Top Of Old Smoky 3:50
3-19 Pete Steele Last Payday At Coal Creek 3:08
3-20 Helen McDuffie And Leasie Whitmire The Wreck On The CC&O Road (Laws G3) 5:02
3-21 Buzz Fountain Quit That Ticklin' Me 1:32
3-22 Mabel Cawthorn Going Up The Country (Some Kind Of Blues) 2:44
3-23 The Myers Family And Friends Talking Blues 1:46
3-24 The Eller Brothers And Ross Brown (3) Don't Go Riding Down That Old Texas Trail 2:04
3-25 Jack Bean Ring Ching Ching 3:47
Unaccompanied Songs And Ballads
4-1 Mary Lomax Fair And Tender Maidens
4-2 Virgil Sandage The Bird's Song
4-3 Anna Sandage Underhill The Elfin Knight (Child 2)
4-4 Stan Gilliam Gypsy Davy (Child 200)
4-5 Mary Lomax Black Jack Davy (Child 200)
4-6 Ray Rhodes Black Jack Davy (Child 200)
4-7 Oscar "Doc" Parks The Battle Of Stone River
4-8 The Phillips Wonders Froggy Went A-Courting
4-9 Mary Heekin The Factory Girl
4-10 Jim Cook (4) I'm A Noble Soldier
4-11 Anna Sandage Underhill The Young Man's Lament
4-12 Vern Smelser The Butcher's Boy (Laws P24)
4-13 Ollie Gilbert Lady Lye (Child 79)
4-14 Stan Gilliam Lullabies
4-15 Ollie Gilbert Utah Carl (Laws B4)
4-16 Mary Ruth Moore Billy Button
4-17 Oneitha Ellison And Group Ring Plays
4-18 Mr. Lazore And Mrs. Lazore Mohawk Love Song
4-19 Alice Gerrard Shenandoah
4-20 Greg Brown (3) And Lala Brown Two Little Boys
4-21 Mary Lomax Down In The Arkansas
4-22 Bonnie Loggins I'll Drink And Be Jolly
4-23 Brady "Doc" Barnes* We'll March Around The Wall
4-24 Vern Smelser John Came Home (Child 274)
4-25 Margaret Kimmett The Farm Out West
4-26 Ray Rhodes Frankie And Johnny (Laws I3)
4-27 Mistress Della Mae Reedy The Farmer's Son
4-28 Maude Thacker The Famous Wedding (Laws P31)
4-29 Stan Gilliam Sail Away, Lady / Greenback
4-30 Sudie Parks The Lame Soldier
4-31 Oscar "Doc" Parks Pearl Bryan (Laws F2)
4-32 Bonnie Loggins Sing, Sing, What'll I Sing?



Subtitle: "Fifty Years Of Tradional American Music Documented By Art Rosenbaum"

A compilation of field recordings from 1956 to 2008.

&copy &#x2117 2008 Dust-to-Digital

Barcode and Other Identifiers

  • Barcode: 8 80226 00122 3

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