Mr. Fozbee & Dr. Cooz* ‎– Chamber Of Dreams

SRT ‎– SRT 91LS 2849
Vinyl, 12", 45 RPM


A Chamber Of Dreams (Mix 1)
B1 Chamber Of Dreams (Mix 2)
B2 Chamber Of Dreams (Mix 3)



Samples dialogue from the film Barbarella

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October 20, 2021
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November 8, 2020

Is dreaming better than therapy? How we can harness the power of our ‘nocturnal therapist’
November 1, 2020

Could the secret to solving your problems be as simple as going to sleep? Dream expert Theresa Cheung tells Hanna Woodside how we can harness the power of our ‘nocturnal therapist’.

Your dreaming mind is your best friend. It is always trying to help you. It is your internal therapist. Dreams are powerful. Dreams can change your life!’ bestselling author Theresa Cheung tells me, before apologising for getting overexcited. ‘I’m just passionate about dreams – they are an incredible resource, but we neglect them.’

Theresa has spent the past 25 years researching and writing about dreams, and in her latest book, Night Vision, she argues that tuning in to our dreams can be an incredible tool for self-development. ‘There’s so much distraction during the day, we don’t have time to process everything that happens to us or reflect on our feelings. But our dreaming mind can do this work of self-discovery and send us messages that lead to greater self-awareness. And when you have a clearer idea of who you are and what you want, you start to make positive choices that take you in the right direction.’
dreaming. . . . Like an inner alarm bell, ‘dreams often highlight areas of your life that you need to work on’, says Theresa. ‘So if you are in an unhappy relationship you might dream of being imprisoned or being unable to speak or move. If you feel you are being ignored, you may dream you are invisible.

‘Dreams aren’t trying to tell you what to do – they’re trying to empower you,’ stresses Theresa. ‘When we’re in REM sleep (the period of sleep where we are most likely to dream), we don’t release stress hormones, so we can be or do anything we want, without any fear. So if there are things we want to do – but are frightened of – we can safely “role-play” in our dreams. Often, if you have the confidence to do something in a dream, it carries over into your waking life.’

So just how do we make the most of this internal therapist?
Tune in to your night vision

The first step in harnessing your dreams for self-growth is to get better at remembering them. (Science has shown that everybody dreams. If you think you don’t, it’s be

Fuck it ....Rave ON!


March 15, 2018
Back in the early 90s{yawn) i was lucky enuff to stumble on a load of these in a eastend record shop.I bought most of them along with other now soughtafter gems (btlimits,r2r etc)but do seem to remember they came with a large round peel off sticker(which i still have on a flightcase)of the fozbee &cooz logo.Damn i wish i could of seen how these records would still be going up in value.