Burzum ‎– Beneath The Ruins Of Christianity…

Rain Of Blood Records ‎– Rain 005
CDr, Compilation, Limited Edition, Numbered, Unofficial Release


Live At Black Metal Marathon, Oslo 1992 Ayps 20:57
1.1 Snu Mikrokosmos Tegn
1.2 Svarte Troner
1.3 A Lost Forgotten Sad Spirit
1.4 Black Metal
2 Tomhet (Alternative Essay) 23:05


Limited edition of 111 hand-numbered copies.
Released as digipak, silver disc.

Track 1 is purportedly a 1992 live recording, even though Burzum is not known to have ever performed live.


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April 25, 2020
...the murky fog and generational tape hiss haze here is possible entrance into some psychedelic netherworld full of distortion and distraction with little hope of returning the same...although an illicit recording by a cat who seems to be wandering around at this oslo '92 gig Fake but who gives one?) its caught the whole basement black metal ethic of punk-out cheap recording, and of keeping it real...this should have got a proper release and upped the whole standard of BAD sound (this makes the mayhem demo look major corporate rock whoredom)...the whole room seems to spin round and due to all the distraction present, listening makes for a trancy time as a cats got to concentrate and all conscious thought of the outside world disappears as occasional bad tempered gutteral bursts erupt over nonstop machine drumming...small infections of basic riff screaching ooze from the primordial swamp of fowl sludge enticing the listener ever onward...under the right conditions this makes it into the avant garde parallel universe of cinema verite/found sound/glimpses in time/momentary recording...that's the first side, side two is some prog? suite of ambient ancient space rock where the centuries call out to the ancestors secret codes of esoterica...again due to the cheap synth whacked out recording (not to mention gliches and scrapes), this is cool for layabouts who got a sense of humour, otherwise prog purists who dig the squeaky clean sound of lesser combos such as college proggers yes and floyd and t.dream are going to have to resort to heavy narcotic pillows to weather the 23 minutes of e.c comix weirdness...


September 8, 2018
To save people spending out on this out of curiosity... The live tracks are definitely fake.
Firstly, the crowd sound is a looped recording from a bar, that repeats every few seconds under the music. The music is awful quality. I can´t fully tell if it just a very badly degraded tape playing the songs, or possibly of another band covering Burzum. The Venom cover is even lower quality and the guitars are bassier which suggests it was recorded separately to the other (two) tracks. Finally, we all know that Burzum never played live anyway. It´s really a sad attempt at making a fake bootleg.
The other track, Tomhet, is most definitely a tribute/cover, and not by Burzum. It has some similarities to Tomhet, but longer, slower and with occasional samples of someone talking (through so much echo you can´t really make it out). Its not really great.
My guess is someone made a terrible fake live bootleg and Rain Of Blood Records didn´t know what to do with it, so they threw in a tribute track that was too long for any tribute CD, claim it´s all genuine Burzum and voilá! a super rare bootleg that´s worth absolutely nothing for the fanboys to snap up...