Various ‎– The John Tesh Radio Show "Intelligence For Your Life" - Show #11-22, Weekend Of May 28-29, 2011

The John Tesh Radio Show ‎– Show #11-22
3 × CD, Transcription

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Hour 1
Segment One (21:58)
1-1A No Artist Factoid: How Long A "Donut" Spare Tire Lasts
1-1B Sara Bareilles Love Song
1-1C No Artist Factoids From Dr. Oz: How To Lose 10 Pounds; Don't Wear Shoes In Your House; Swap Black Rice For White Rice; Move (Stand Up/Sit Down) During Commercials
1-1D Steve Winwood While You See A Chance
1-1E George Benson On Broadway
1-1F No Artist Factoid: E-mail & Texting Etiquette
1-1G PINK* F**kin' Perfect
1-1H No Artist Commercials: OnStar Sweepstakes / Sherwin-Williams / Mirassou Wines
Segment Two (15:48)
1-2A No Artist Factoid: Plastic Surgery For Men
1-2B Rob Thomas Streetcorner Symphony
1-2C No Artist Factoid: Causes Of Back Pain - Office Chairs, Shoes, Extra Weight
1-2D Roxette It Must Have Been Love
1-2E No Artist Factoid: Eating Air-Popped Popcorn Curbs Appetite
1-2F Michael Bublé Everything
1-2G No Artist Listener Questions: Close Toilet Seat Before Flushing
1-2H No Artist Commercials: OnStar Sweepstakes / Petsmart / US Dept. of Transportation (USDOT)
Segment Three (13:19)
1-3A No Artist Factoid: 5 Signs That You Need To Dump Your Guy
1-3B Gavin Rossdale Love Remains The Same
1-3C No Artist Interview
Interviewee – Lee Ann Womack
1-3D Lee Ann Womack I Hope You Dance
1-3E No Artist Factoid: The Stress From Working At A Bad Job Is Detrimental To Your Health
1-3F Plain White T's Rhythm Of Love
1-3G No Artist Factoid: Prohibited Foods For Vegans
Hour 2
Segment Four (21:36)
2-1A No Artist Factoids: Sports Teams Do Have "Home Advantage"
2-1B Jewel Standing Still
2-1C No Artist Factoid: How Cellular Providers Collect Data On Its Users
2-1D Uncle Kracker Drift Away
2-1E No Artist Factoid: Owning A Dog Increases Happiness , Increases Exercise & Provides Novelty
2-1F Katy Perry Firework
2-1G No Artist Factoid: College Students Can Buy/Share Class Notes At
2-1H No Artist Commercials: OnStar Sweepstakes / Sherwin-Williams / Petsmart
Segment Five (16:02)
2-2A No Artist Factoid: Flight Attendants At One Airline Trained In Martial Arts To Deal With Disruptive Passengers
2-2B Eagles Hotel California
2-2C No Artist Factoid: Avoiding Heart Disease - Add Weight Lifting To Your Workout, Eat More Tomatoes, Stay Happy As Much As Possible
2-2D Alicia Keys Fallin'
2-2E No Artist Factoid: Good Posture Makes You Look And Act Better, More Confident
2-2F Bon Jovi What Do You Got?
2-2G No Artist Commercials: OnStar Sweepstakes / USDOT / Petsmart
Segment Six (13:27)
2-3A No Artist Factoid: Doodling While Listening Keeps You Alert So You Can Absorb More Information
2-3B John Mellencamp* Small Town
2-3C No Artist Factoid: Unusual College Majors For Interesting Jobs - Puppetry, Turf Management, Packaging Design
2-3D Bruno Mars Just The Way You Are
2-3E Phil Collins You'll Be In My Heart
2-3F No Artist Factoid: Compliments (Praise) Is As Beneficial As A Financial Windfall (Cash)
Hour 3
Segment Seven (17:19)
3-1A No Artist Factoid: People Use Pronouns Instead Of Names When Lying
3-1B John Mayer Say
3-1C No Artist Factoid: Brains Are Hard-Wired To Procrastinate. To Get Around This, Do Worst Task First; Start Your Day Over At 2:00 P.M.; Train Yourself By Setting Timer For 10 Minutes To See How Much You Can Accomplish
3-1D Kimberley Locke 8th World Wonder
3-1E No Artist Factoid: The Online Pantry - Enter Ingredients You Have On Hand To Be Matched With A Recipe
3-1F Taylor Swift Mine
3-1G No Artist Factoid: Worst Time To Have Prescription Filled Is Early In The Month When Social Security Payments Are Issued
3-1H No Artist Commercials: OnStar Sweepstakes / Jared / Sherwin-Williams
Segment Eight (15:51)
3-2A No Artist Factoid: What's In Your Food? There's An App For That - "Chemical Cuisine"
3-2B Chicago (2) Hard To Say I'm Sorry / Get Away
3-2C Natasha Bedingfield Unwritten
3-2D No Artist Factoid: Cloud Girlfriends - Virtual Facebook Girlfriends
3-2E The Script Breakeven
3-2F No Artist Factoid: Low-Slung Pants Came From Prisoners Having No Belts
3-2G No Artist Commercials: OnStar Sweepstakes / Petsmart / USDOT
Segment Nine (09:28)
3-3A No Artist Factoid: Don't Steal That Hotel Towel Or Bathrobe; Many Hotels Implant Microchips In Them To Track Them
3-3B The Police Every Thing She Does Is Magic
3-3C No Artist Listener Comments Re: Coed Dorm Rooms
3-3D Shania Twain That Don't Impress Me Much
3-3E No Artist Factoid: Rats Must Continually Chew On Things To Wear Down Their Teeth
Segment Ten (08:39)
3-4A No Artist Factoid: Licking Ice Cream Is More Satisfying Than Eating It With A Spoon
3-4B Train (2) Marry Me (First Dance Mix)
3-4C Sheryl Crow All I Wanna Do
3-4D No Artist Closing Billboard: OnStar
Promos For Next Week's Show
3-5 No Artist Dry Version 00:27
3-6 No Artist Produced Version 00:39
Commercials (Standalone)
3-7 No Artist Commercial: OnStar Sweepstakes 01:02
3-8 No Artist Commercial: Sherwin-Williams 00:33
3-9 No Artist Commercial: Mirassou Wines 00:33
3-10 No Artist Commercial: Petsmart 00:32
3-11 No Artist Commercial: USDOT 00:32
3-12 No Artist Commercial: Petsmart 00:32
3-13 No Artist Commercial: Jared, The Galleria Of Jewelry 00:33

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