1 State Of Being What
2 Beehive
3 2nd Day Of Summer
4 Xcept Me (That 70's Mix)
5 Fresh Melon
6 Weak Of Day
7 Ganbachi (Rough Demo)
8 Tex
9 The Drive Away
10 Air
11 She'll Never Fall Away (Instrumental)
12 Sweet, Dear Patty
13 Promising Autumn (Demo)
14 Jen
15 The Angel That Deserves You (Work In Progress)
16 Feb 24th (Work In Progress)
17 Neuralgia (Demo)
18 The Crucifiction Of Lucifer (Remastered 1999 Demo)
19 The Laughing Song (Live Acoustic)
20 Fresh Melon (Live Acoustic)
21 You Ride, I'll Walk (Live Acoustic)
22 She'll Never Fall Away (Live Acoustic)
23 Hong Kong Cinema (Live Acoustic)
24 State Of Being What (Live Acoustic)
25 X-cept Me (Live Acoustic)
26 Air (Live Acoustic)
27 This Is Home (Acoustic Version)
28 She'll Never Fall Away (Acoustic Version)
29 Home Now (Live Acoustic)


A 134 Minute, 29 Track Double CD Collection Of Leaving Nadir's Studio and Acoustic Works from The Band's History. Including A Newly Remastered Version Of The Band's Very First Demo From 1998. (It's actually from 1999 - But listed on Packaging as being 1998.)

Barcode and Other Identifiers

  • Barcode: 191092558231