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Bristol wereguild wereguild

10 months ago
Rolling Stone 500 Best Albums of All Time (2020) myquealer myquealer

Rolling Stone Magazine has updated their list of 500 Greatest Albums of All Time for...

about 1 year ago
Lady Gaga, Ranked caloving28 caloving28

about 1 year ago
library fffingloud fffingloud

about 1 year ago
23 May gilmoreido gilmoreido

Albums released on the 23rd of May over the years.

about 1 year ago
Wishlist m.doran1988 m.doran1988

about 1 year ago
Best Ever Albums top 2000 rabaier rabaier

about 1 year ago
Uproxx 100 best of the 2010s rabaier rabaier

about 1 year ago
JoJo Albums/Singles AdamHandler AdamHandler

Musical References in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure

about 1 year ago
2019 iTunes Library frankiecas frankiecas

I did a major purge of my iTunes library in the summer of 2019, this is (almost) everything that was there prior to the purge.

over 2 years ago
Kleinanzeigen sidoubleyou sidoubleyou

over 3 years ago
Albums I've Heard That Aren't In My Collection Vacantvault Vacantvault

Not all of these were by choice.

over 3 years ago
2011 : Musical Journey LanaRhoadesFan LanaRhoadesFan

over 3 years ago
Lady Gaga Collection teenidle17 teenidle17

over 4 years ago
What I Truly Need [VINYLS] Wanest Wanest

You simply have to own these vinyls once in my life because damn asthetics.

over 4 years ago
CDs tinyplant tinyplant

I used to collect CDs before I collected vinyl

over 5 years ago
Albums I've Listened To itaots itaots

Three favourite songs are written in each album's description.

over 5 years ago
Close favourites luke199026 luke199026

over 6 years ago
Vinyl Collection blantzy82 blantzy82

A list of vinyls I own.

over 6 years ago
FAN.PL CHCELISTA x0phelia x0phelia

over 6 years ago
The 50 Records of the Year 2011 - Musikexpress indy133 indy133

in 01/2012

over 8 years ago
Musikexpress 2011 indy133 indy133

over 9 years ago
Japanese CD’s cila cila

CiLA private Japanese CD’s records

over 10 years ago
[BEGIN] frisson85 frisson85

over 10 years ago
Discogs Top Female Albums cvalda44 cvalda44

[b]THE MOST COLLECTABLE ALBUMS[/b] Most collectable at discogs has a little connection to actual sales. For example, Madonna sells few times more...

over 12 years ago