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Vinyl wantlist BraixenAxl BraixenAxl

about 2 hours ago
Gail's finds lawrencerocke lawrencerocke

about 4 hours ago
Free/Avant/Improv on DELMARK zodiakfreeartslab zodiakfreeartslab

about 5 hours ago
Eurovision - Greece kwulf kwulf

(no Greek entry before 1974) 1975 - No Greek entry 1982 - The Greek song was rejected, as it had been released before the competition 1986 - Greek...

about 6 hours ago
PSYCHOTRIP andreamvs andreamvs

about 7 hours ago
Zustände in München 24.06.2021 HobbyBuch HobbyBuch

monthly internet radio show on on the 4th thursday of the month with Oliver Hottner + Markus Rhein and:

about 8 hours ago
Longinus vinyl collection longinus67 longinus67

about 8 hours ago
Top Tier Gospel TheRecordCradle TheRecordCradle

about 9 hours ago
bands saw live Gwoemul Gwoemul

about 12 hours ago
Löydetyt Yipididuudah Yipididuudah

about 13 hours ago
Judy Collins udo.lutze udo.lutze

about 16 hours ago
UK 70s Folk Revival glenness glenness

about 17 hours ago
Best Albums of 2021 Mandingueiro Mandingueiro

My personal favorites of 2021, in order of discovery.

about 18 hours ago
Box1: 106 records Natchrecords2020 Natchrecords2020

about 18 hours ago
8bitpeoples Releases I want on vinyl/CD again powerstone05 powerstone05

1 day ago
All-time Classical top favorites!! the_retrobaron the_retrobaron

List with my all time favorite classical recordings from my 5.000 albums (LP/CD) and 30+ years of collecting classical music!

1 day ago
Must Have Albums In Vinyl/Box Set & CD/Cassette Capt50 Capt50

1 day ago
Soulbrother - Reissue Vinyl Albums of The Year 2017 Enderek Enderek

1 day ago
Hardcore RavegirlAndCo RavegirlAndCo

1 day ago
Trance RavegirlAndCo RavegirlAndCo

1 day ago
Italodance RavegirlAndCo RavegirlAndCo

1 day ago
FOODDJ kjmacphee kjmacphee

1 day ago
20 Favorite Albums of 2021 DrToilet DrToilet

1 day ago
1 Records to Sell AustinG. AustinG.

1 day ago
Trojan & Ska YanOurs YanOurs

Le Trojan musique Jamaïcaine Traditionnelle c'est démocratisée au début des Années 1960-1965 en donnant Naissance à 2 Genres Musicaux : Le Ska et...

1 day ago