Pressing Plant Matrix Schemes

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List to help make it easier to identify vinyl pressing plants based on the matrix numbers in runouts.

  1. Austrovinyl

    The runout matrix scheme is "AV yy-xxx"

    "yy" is the year of the pressing, while "xxx" is the sequence number

  2. Cascade Record Pressing

    “CP## - ####”: First two digits after "CP" denote the manufacturing year. Followed by a 4 digit number.

    Please note that sometimes there will be a "-" between "CP" and the first two digits.

    CP16-0341 - Lunaria
    CP-17-0202 - Echoes Of The First Dreamer (The Musical Prequel To Golem)
    CP18-0223 - Stardew Valley Complete OST

  3. Celebrate Records GmbH

    Matrix scheme ###### YY ZZ (sometimes with a space after the first three digits)

    – YY is the side identifier, typically A1 or B1.
    – ZZ represents the mastering engineer's initials (e.g.: FK)

    083 764 - Yours Is A Kingdom Of Death
    123065 - Sick Destroyer / Caravan Kids
    122197 - L'Amour Toujours

  4. GZ Media

    On releases from 2014 and forward (prior to 2014 see GZ Digital Media)

    ######X~/Z or ######X~~/Z
    “X” = format
    “~” = side number
    “Z” = galvanoplasty

    Main vinyl formats
    E = stereo, 12", 33⅓ RPM
    F = stereo, 10", 33⅓ RPM
    G = stereo, 7" EP, 45 RPM
    H = stereo, 7", 45 RPM
    M = stereo, 12", 45 RPM
    N = stereo, 10", 45 RPM
    O = stereo, 7", 33⅓ RPM

    168795E1/A - Direct Memory Access
    169171F1/A - The Doomed / Disillusioned
    140287H1/A - Rocket Reducer No. 62 (Rama Lama Fa Fa Fa)

  5. Hand Drawn Pressing

    "~" = Side number, these may have a • or ~ between the identifier numbers and the side numbers.

  6. La Manufacture De Vinyles

    LMDV ####

    "#" = internal run number

  7. M Com' Musique


    MCM665 - Zwandania
    MCM873 - Globes
    MCM885 - We Are Just Floating In Space

  8. Memphis Record Pressing

    Identified by matrix scheme MRP####.

    Many releases contain the MRP catalog number and the GZ Media catalog number in the runout. It can be assumed that plating was performed by GZ Media (Mastered At credit for now), as well as cutting the lacquer or DMM if not done by another mastering facility, and record pressing performed by MRP.

    MRP0027 - King Of The Beach
    MRP0964 - Mother 2 (ギーグの逆襲)
    MRP1647 - Sky Blue

  9. Microforum Services Group

    Vinyl releases can be identified by a matrix number of V####### in the deadwax.

    VI256583 - Lift Your Skinny Fists Like Antennas To Heaven
    V1254446 - It's About Time
    V1265424 - Polaris Cover Sessions No. 5

  10. 12



    Vinyl discs pressed by MPO usually have the hand etched "MPO" inscription in the runouts.

    - What Went Down
    - Lixiviation (Ciani/Musica Inc. 1969-1985)
    - Spirit

  11. Nordsø Records

    NR ## ## ## ###

    First two digits is the pressing year (17 = 2017, 18 = 2018, etc.). Next two digits is format (12 = 12", 10 = 10", 07 = 7").

    NR 16 12 00 001 - The Mezzo Sax Encounter
    NR 17 07 00 017 - Skærgården // Natradio
    NR 18 12 00 002 - Vinter—i—Ring

  12. Optimal Media GmbH

    On releases from October 1, 2011 and forward (prior to Oct. 1, 2011 see Optimal Media Production)

    (Single letter format identifier, followed by single character year identifier, followed by a 5 digit numeral code, followed by an appended two digit disc numbering).

    X is the format identifier:
    "A" = CDs
    "B" = Vinyl records
    "D" = DVDs or Blu-Ray Discs
    "E" = Blu-ray Discs

    Y is the manufacturing year identifier, since 2010 a single letter (A to Z):
    (before 2010 see Optimal Media Production listings)

    A = 2010
    B = 2011
    C = 2012
    D = 2013
    E = 2014
    F = 2015
    G = 2016
    H = 2017
    I = 2018
    J = 2019
    K = 2020

    After the 5 digit numeral code, the 2 digit disc numbering (ZZ) can be found, which starts at "01".
    On multi disc releases the last digit usually incrementally rises by 1 for each disc. (Example: Disc 1 = 01, Disc 2 = 02, etc.)

    BD09317 - Albala
    BE69850 - Music In Exile
    BI21073 - Stranger Fruit

  13. Precision Record Pressing


    Please note that runouts from this plant also includes GZ Media runouts.
    Generally it's safe to say that black vinyl records (and some single colored) are pressed at Precision, while more complex color patterns are likely still pressed at GZ Media.

    In cases where it's clear or suspected that the pressing was done at Precision, add Precision as "Pressed By" and GZ Media as "Mastered By".
    In cases where it's clear or suspected that the pressing was done at GZ Media, add Precision as "Manufactured By" and GZ Media as "Pressed By"

    10-84498 - I Dreamed Of A Palace In The Sky
    10-84450 - Eat The Elephant
    10-84365 - Floor Kids (Original Video Game Soundtrack)

  14. Rainbo Records

    Defunct as of January 31, 2020.

    • S-12345, S being for LP, 12", and 10" (note: the "S" can resemble a "5").
    • L-12345, L being for LP, 12", and 10" (note: Greg Lee Processing also used a 'L' prefix in its number scheme, however, this is not mutually exclusive as it often processed releases later pressed at Rainbo).
    • R-12345, R being for 7". (note: other pressings plants, e.g., Allied Record Company also use this same R-12345 type etching on 7" records).

    Please note that pressing from Rainbo typically have a separate matrix number for each side of the record.

    S-101667 - Conker's Bad Fur Day
    R-21199 - Me & Mary
    S-86182 - Major Arcana

  15. Record Industry

    On releases from March 2004 and forward

    ##### XY Z

    ##### is the sequential RI specific matrix number.
    X is the cut number. Often simply a 1, sometimes a 2. In rare cases the cut number may be even higher.
    Y is the side identifier, e.g. A, B. On double A side releases, the side identifier will still use "B" for the AA side.
    Z is the catalogue number assigned by the label.

    Usually, the whole string is stamped into the runout area, however etched versions may occasionally appear too.

    24277 - Toxicity
    14797 - And The Glass Handed Kites
    10060 - Tomorrow's Modern Boxes

  16. Record Technology Incorporated

    Matrix number scheme used for the processing:
    Side A: xxxxx (2) or (3)
    Side B: xxxxx (2) or (3)

    Later adjusted to include the side identifiers:
    Side A: xxxxx.1 (2) or (3)
    Side B: xxxxx.2 (2) or (3)

    Please note that they use the same schemes regardless of whether they were involved in the pressing or just mastering. Use "Mastered By" unless they are clearly credited as the pressing plant.

    24340.1(3) - The Agent Intellect

  17. RPM Record Pressing


    Sometimes also has the pressing plant logo in runouts.

    RPM031 - Væbnet Med Ord & Vinger (Original Soundtrack)
    RPM064 - The Fall And The End
    RPM088 - Perfunctory

  18. Schallplattenfabrik Pallas GmbH

    Vinyl records can be identified by the following characteristics in the runout grooves:
    1.) A 4- or 5-digit number in the stamped runout area, according to the following pattern:
    -XXXX- (up to -9999- until 2004).
    -XXXXX- (starting from -10000- since 2004).
    This number can be entered into the catalog number field next to the Pressed By credit, but please do not enter the hyphens surrounding the number (Example: Lyra - Travelling).

    2.) Stamped or etched "ST" / "TST" / "ETST" prefixes to the cat# (Example: The Modern Jazz Quintet Karlsruhe - Position 2000).

    3.) The "Pallas Athene" logo (head of a woman - see image) in the runout grooves (Example: Michel Attenoux - Michel Attenoux Plays Dixieland)

    Please note that releases with P.USA in the runouts alongside above inscription should have Pallas USA as "Manufactured By", but keep Schallplattenfabrik Pallas GmbH as "Pressed By".

    Please note that pressings from Pallas with runouts in style 1) has a separate matrix number for each disc in the release.

    -47996- - Probot
    -44981- - Villains
    -44358- - 孤雁

  19. SunPress Vinyl

    Recognized by "SunPress" in the runouts

    Matrix looks like: #####.X~D# [pressing plant or mastering credit]

    First # is the internal run number and X is the side, D is the disc number (sides are marked A and B for each disc). There can be multiple variations where catalog number, mastering credits and other info are also included.

    - The Telltales Series - The Walking Dead (Soundtrack Collection)
    - The Tascam Tales
    - Barry Helafonte

  20. Takt Direct


    # indicates 6-8 digits. It's not clear if difference in the number of digits has any meaning.
    X indicates the side (A, B, C, etc.)
    Y is not clear

    109682-A-1 - Jacky's Only Happy When She's Up On The Stage
    0445179-A-1 - Shadow Of The Beast
    07700892-A-1 - Runescape: Original Soundtrack Classics

  21. Third Man Pressing

    Can be identified by having "TMP" in the runouts.

  22. Toyokasei

    Denoted by an X stamped in the runouts for 12"/LPs or an S for 7"s. Very rarely used for releases outside of Japan.

    Image example of X stamp:

    - Metaphorical Music
    - Eyes On Me
    - Street Fighter II The Definitive Soundtrack

  23. United Record Pressing

    Records pressed by United Record Pressing often contain an etched "ⓤ" or "Ⓤ" (U in a circle) in the runout groove area.

    - The Lego Batman Movie: Songs From The Motion Picture
    - Get Behind Me Satan
    - Dumb And Dumber (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)