Gigs List

By NickSignal NickSignal
updated 22 days ago

A list that is going to take some serious time to compile. An ongoing attempt to catalogue as many shows as I can recall...

  1. The Cure

    Reflections tour, Royal Albert Hall.

  2. Dinosaur Jr.

    Multiple times

  3. Sonic Youth

    Roundhouse, Camden - Daydream Nation +

  4. 4



    ATP, London - Was playing the same event with The Telescopes = FREE

  5. High On Fire

    O2, Islington

  6. Sonic Boom (2)


  7. Spectrum (4)

    Multiple - Supported a couple of times too

  8. Experimental Audio Research

    Couple of times, both in London

  9. Spiritualized

    Multiple times

  10. J Mascis


  11. J Mascis + The Fog

    ATP Minehead

  12. Silver Apples

    Simeon solo set as Silver Apples in Tilburg, 2013 - was playing same festival with The Telescopes; also Kilburn with Eat Lights Become Lights and Sonic Boom

  13. 13



    Alexandra Palace

  14. Chris Isaak

    Hammersmith Odeon, '93 maybe?

  15. The Stooges

    Hammersmith Odeon

  16. Silent Front

    Stupid amount of times. One Unique Signal were invited to support on their final ever show @ Riverside Studios, London.

  17. Siouxsie & The Banshees

    Town & Country Club, London

  18. 18



    Kentish Town Forum, days after they signed to Food. Was there for the Neddies and had no idea who this mob were.

  19. My Bloody Valentine


  20. Pete Bassman

    Couple of times over the years. Shared the drive to one of the Manchester Psych fests we were both booked for.

  21. Anji Cheung

    Goes without saying...

  22. The Black Crowes

    Royal Albert Hall

  23. The Boo Radleys

    Supporting Dinosaur Jr, Town & Country Club

  24. Boy Harsher

    Scala, Kings X

  25. Cherry But No Cake

    Multiple - cohorts at Rip This Joint, Camden