Favorite solo acts

By pandoras_aquarium pandoras_aquarium
updated over 4 years ago

  1. Imani Coppola

    Gateway album: Chupacabra
    Best album: Come and Get Me... What?!

  2. Alanis Morissette

    Gateway album: Jagged Little Pill; So-Called Chaos
    Best album: Supposed Former Infatuation Junkie; Flavors of Entanglement

  3. Fatboy Slim

    Gateway album: Better Living Through Chemistry
    Best album: Halfway Between The Gutter and The Stars

  4. 54



    Gateway album: Animal+Cannibal
    Best album: Rainbow

  5. 55



    Gateway album: Good Girl Gone Bad
    Best album: ANTi

  6. 56



    Gateway album: Laundry Service; She Wolf
    Best album: Fijacion Oral Vol. I

  7. Nellie McKay

    Gateway album: Get Away From Me
    Best album: Get Away From Me; Home Sweet Mobile Home

  8. Natalia Kills

    Gateway album: Perfectionist
    Best album: Trouble

  9. Whitney Houston

    Gateway album: The Greatest Hits
    Best album: My Love Is Your Love

  10. Sophie (42)

    Gateway album: Product
    Best album: The best is yet to come

  11. Carly Rae Jepsen

    Gateway album: Kiss
    Best album: E•MO•TION

  12. Sophie Ellis-Bextor

    Gateway album: Read My Lips
    Best album: Shoot from the Hip; Make a Scene

  13. Mike Doughty

    Gateway album: Skittish / Rock N Roll
    Best album: Haughty Melodic

  14. Ellie Goulding

    Gateway album: Lights
    Best album: Halcyon

  15. 65



    Gateway album: Wikked Lil' Grrrls
    Best album: Breath from Another

  16. Nelly Furtado

    Gateway album: Whoa, Nelly!
    Best album: Whoa, Nelly!; Folklore

  17. Ryn Weaver

    Gateway album: The Fool
    Best album: The best is yet to come

  18. Céline Dion

    Gateway album: Let's Talk About Love
    Best album: A New Day Has Come; One Heart

  19. Jill Sobule

    Gateway album: Jill Sobule
    Best album: Pink Pearl

  20. Awkwafina

    Gateway album: Yellow Ranger
    Best album: The best is yet to come

  21. 71



    Gateway album: Small Talk EP
    Best album: The best is yet to come

  22. 72



    Gateway album: Hideaway EP
    Best album: The best is yet to come

  23. Brayton Bowman

    Gateway album: Here Now EP
    Best album: The best is yet to come

  24. Caron Wheeler

    Gateway album: UK Blak
    Best album: Beach of the War Goddess

  25. Lisa Stansfield

    Gateway album: Affection
    Best album: Face Up