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This is a list of some of my all-time favorite bands. These are in no particular order, but hopefully someone stumbles across them.

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    Soft Cell

    Soft Cell

    Where to even start with Soft Cell. The popular duo took mainstream 80's music and added a sleaziness factor not found anywhere else. Its the kind of music you'd listen to wandering down a random sketchy alleyway with blinding neon lights at night after downing 7 five hour energies in a big city. Picture the smell of any college classroom where no one knows how to correctly estimate the amount of perfume and cologne they should wear, turning the very air into a nauseating cloud of sickly sweet smog choking you to death. Imagine that as a sound and it would be the Soft Cell duo. Their debut album "Non-Stop Erotic Cabaret" is incredibly fun to listen to despite its success on the UK charts. Even though they are on the mainstream side of the 80's, they never took themselves seriously and were always rather tongue-in-cheek about everything they did. Soft Cell described the typical seedy city life in a way no one else did during that era, embracing the cliches of pop sound while mocking it. They definitely sparked their fair share of controversy in the 80's. Plus Marc Almond even got his drug dealer to sing on their debut album. You know, the normal thing to do.
    Starter Songs: "Entertain Me", "Bedsitter", "Divided Soul", "Tainted Love", "Where Did Our Love Go", "Insecure....Me?", "Seedy Films", "Torch"

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    45 Grave

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