Favorite Bands

By Lixx Lixx
updated over 5 years ago

  1. My Bloody Valentine

    Saw live three times in 1992- City Gardens Trenton, Trocadero & Theater of Living Arts in Philadelphia, once in 2008 in Toronto.

  2. 2



    Saw live in 1992 at Trocadero in Philadelphia. Saw Mark Gardener in NYC.

  3. The Verve

    Saw live in 1994 Philadelphia.

  4. The Brian Jonestown Massacre

    Saw numerous times around NYC and Philadelphia 2003-2005.

  5. Cocteau Twins

    Saw in 1990 in Glenside PA, Tower Theater 1994 Philadelphia.

  6. The Cure

    Only till 1989 & Disintegration after that- it's crap.

    Saw in 1987 for Kiss Me Tour, twice in 1989 for Disintegration tour- all in Philadelphia.

  7. New Order

    Only till 1989's Technique after that they sucked. Saw them on that tour at an outdoor concert in Philadelphia. Some unknown band called the Sugarcubes opened up lol- they were awful.

  8. Primal Scream

    Saw during the Screamadelica tour in 1992 at Trocadero- Philadelphia.

  9. The Jesus And Mary Chain

    Saw 1990 Ritz NYC, 1992 Trocadero Philadelphia (with Spiritualized & Curve in support), 1994 Trocadero Philadelphia (with Mazzy Star) and finally 2013 embarrassingly at a free outdoor concert in Buffalo (they sucked).

  10. Spiritualized

    Saw in 1992 Trocadero Philadelphia, 1995 Tower Theater Philadelphia, 2003 NYC (Irving Plaza), 2003 Brooklyn (North Six), 2013 Buffalo (Waiting Room)

  11. Spectrum (4)

    Saw 1992 at CBGB's.

  12. Echo & The Bunnymen

    Finally saw in 2005 Theater of Living Arts Philadelphia.

  13. The Stone Roses

    White whale of bands... :(

  14. The Warlocks

    Saw a few times in NYC in 2003-2004- usually Mercury Theater or Club 13. Saw in Philadelphia 2005 at First Unitarian Church.

  15. Black Rebel Motorcycle Club

    Only first two albums. Saw in 2003 NYC Irving Plaza, 2004 with some little known band The Rapture at Roseland Ballroom.

  16. Interpol

    Just that first album Turn on the Bright Lights. Lived in NYC at the time and the LP spoke to me. Saw them once in 2002 and once in 2003 both NYC.

  17. 24



    Finally saw Lush at Union Transfer in Philadelphia in September of 2016. One of those bands I missed in the 90's. Fitting, as soon as I get out of that hell pit called Buffalo and I'm back where bands actually come to (Philly) I catch them.