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  1. Aphex Twin

    Era: all of it. Man's simply a genius. Acid, techno, idm, ambient, whatever... He did it his way and better than most anyone else. His Soundcloud-dump rekindled my love after kind of having moved on earlier due to the likes of Autechre, BoC, Alva Noto...
    Has a tendency to get cheesy at times, but his feel for melody is unchallenged.
    I just love how he is able to compose the sweetest melodies and then almost destroys them by putting in some disturbing/annoying/distracting sounds as contrast...
    One of a kind musician that has impacted the perception of music as a whole.

  2. Biosphere

    Era: Almost all. Yet "Patashnik" to "Shenzhou" are especially mind-altering to me.
    Later work tended to get a bit 'arty' at times, but usually still kept the true Biosphere-vibe going.
    The only work i find unlistenable is "L'Incoronazione Di Poppea" which feels like an exercise in a certain soundeffect to me. All tracks on that one are simply raped to death by that one effect. Strange outlier in an otherwise majestic oeuvre.
    "Departed Glories" needs to be mentioned for its dark and brooding melancholic atmosphere, which puts this album right at the top with Jenssen's all-time best work.

  3. Autechre

    Era: Tri Repetae to LP5 mostly. Plus associated ep's. And the fan-collection Laxir. Their later music will most probably click some time in the future, it always does.

  4. Voïvod

    Era: "War and Pain" to "Outer Limits", original line-up mostly. With exception of "Rrröööaaarrr", which was too much of a Venom rip-off sounding album.
    Chewy did a great job of replacing Piggy, but the songwriting lost something of the magic touch of D'Amour. Too much singalong lalala going on on later releases for my taste.
    All great guys though, would still see them live, but them blowing my mind has passed. Glad i have seen them several times during their unbeatable heights in the 80's and 90's <3
    Eric Forrest did a great job continuing and re-energising the Voivod sound when Snake left, with "Phobos" listing as true as any of the original line-up albums.
    Jason Newsted will always be a hero to me. For several reasons. Flotsam's mighty first album, then stepping in Burton's footsteps while being completely underrated by the rest of the band... Shameful how Metallica treated him. But then, it freed him up to save Voivod from certain death!
    The albums that emerged from this era were not up to the high standard i held them to, but "Katorz" is a solid piece of work.
    I'm at a loss how Blacky and Away fell out with each other, they both seem like great guys to me, and the chemistry in their music together was incredible. It was immediately clear on the reunion tour, the immense energy had totally returned!
    I have so many great memories of this band, in all their incarnations. I have definite favourites, but this band will always be very important to me and my musical development. I'm sure they ignited my love for ambient/electronic music with their soundscapes on "War and Pain". They opened up my mind. Eternal thanks guys!

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  10. Bolt Thrower

    The original battlefield-trampling war machine! The all-obliterating death-tank.
    Era: All of it. No weak albums, although some definitely crush a little more than others.
    Favs: First 5 albums, with "For Victory" as the ultimate victor!

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