Favorite Artists

By SnoringCore SnoringCore
updated over 8 years ago

The list of my favorites band in (the most I can even if I'm never sure) in order of best to worst.

  1. The Residents

    That band really destroyed what humans though music was and remade it the correct way.
    Seriously, must we classify this in the same category than all the other bands or artists in the world ? I don't think so.

  2. Dir en grey

    Great universe, a new discover at each albums.

  3. The Dead Weather

    All their songs are absolutely awesome !
    Love this band !
    Turntables are not dead !

  4. The Cure

    Greatest rock band of the history of the universe !

  5. System Of A Down

    Strong band !! Band of my life ☺

  6. 7



    Great canadien band. Their two last records Fantasies and Synthetica are masterpieces !

  7. 8



    They aren't the stoner kings, but... They are the stoner Gods.

  8. 9



    Still a small band, but so much talent and potential in all of them ! Can't wait for the next album !

  9. Rose Noire

    Great and original band ! So underrated !!

  10. Mustasch

    Powerful band !! None of their songs is bad.

  11. Suicide Ali

    Since Tainted Gallery, they are even better :)

  12. Rammstein

    Great songs, and the best band to see live !

  13. Einstürzende Neubauten

    Great conception of music.

  14. The Chameleons

    Great great great !!

  15. Patti Smith

    Greatest lyricist ever accompagned (from most of the album (the firsts being the bests)) with excellent and influencial music.
    What life would be without her?

    We tell that she's the first to include poethic texts in rock music, but her first album been release in 1975 ans [Invalid Artist]'s first one been release one year before and they use strange poetry too...

  16. Horse The Band

    Amazing band!

  17. Meniscus

    It make me feel good.
    The ambiance they disgage when they make music send un to a whole other mind. No needs of texts when the music itself can tell more and make us feel more than every words that exist. Their insect sounds (recorded at Bay Of Islands, New-Zealand by the way) used in "Absence Of I" is just a genious use of the environement.
    New way of breathe.

  18. Zodia (2)

    Underated. They're actually great.