Current Pressing Plant/Manufacturers

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updated 11 months ago

These are plants and manufacturers that are currently pressing records.

  1. Rainbo Records

    Ex: L-12345, or S-12345

  2. Record Technology Incorporated

    Ex: 14345.2 (2) or (3)

  3. Pirates Press


  4. GZ Media

    Ex: 130500E1/H

  5. Quality Record Pressings

    State, inner sleeve, or stamped QRP

  6. Kindercore Vinyl

    Stated, or KCV + a 3-digit sequential number

  7. Precision Record Pressing

    Ex: 10-83451 with GZ

  8. Record Industry

    Ex: ##### XY Z

  9. Optimal Media GmbH

    Ex: BC781001-01 A1
    1's look weird. B's look like 8's.

  10. United Record Pressing

    Ex: "Ⓤ" (U in a circle) or L#

  11. Pallas USA

    Ex: 'P.USA'

    Manufactured by: Pallas USA
    Pressed by: Schallplattenfabrik Pallas GmbH [plus the ##### catalogue number#]

  12. 15



    Ex: Hand etched "MPO" or MPO stamp

  13. Furnace MFG

    Please use the Made By or Manufactured By role, except for releases pressed in Furnace's vinyl pressing plant since 2018.

    Must have FURNACE or FMFG in runout to be credited

  14. QCA Custom Pressing

    Mastering Ex: QCA
    Pressing Ex: 8X139

  15. Optimal Media Production

    Pressing Ex: B847793-01 A1 (The B may look like a 3, D, or 8)
    Lacquer Cut Ex: If initials of a mastering engineer (see the list below) appear next to the matrix number, you can also enter the Lacquer Cut At role for Optimal Media GmbH.

    Pre 2011

  16. 19



    See Schallplattenfabrik. Pallas is a manufacturer

  17. Schallplattenfabrik Pallas GmbH

    Multiple ways. Check

  18. Hand Drawn Pressing

    US pressing and manufacturing plant.