Concerts attended

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This is a list of most of the artists I have seen live - there were others, but my memory is fading with age...

Note most are not ambient/electronica entries - these were my pop/rock/alternative rock/post-punk/new wave days when my body allowed me to party hard (1-19)

  1. Mungo Jerry

    Yup, those pushbike song people!
    A real life jug band!!

  2. The Kinks

    Smashed 'Lola' and other hits of that time

  3. The Human Instinct

    Outdoor concert in Christchurch, NZ - Mungo Jerry, The Kinks and these guys - a NZ bluesy rock band - canned by the critics on vinyl, but great in the flesh (1972?)

  4. Split Enz

    When they were actually named Split Ends, and soon after the release of their first album. Supporting Ravi Shankar, in Christchurch NZ (1975/6?) Their crazy 'vaudeville-rock' energy lit up a classical concert hall and was a remarkably fitting introduction for the Shankar ragas to come.

  5. Ravi Shankar

    Rivetting performance, with Ravi a commanding stage presence in his unpretentious 'musical guru' style. Transfixed a packed and appreciative house

  6. Penguin Cafe Orchestra

    With My Friend the Chocolate Cake, In Melbourne Australia (in the 90's sometime.) Both bands modern classical, MFTCC a bit more 'new-agey'; PCO more experimental/quirky.

  7. Aajinta

    At fundraising event for the new Sakya International Buddhist Academy, in Melbourne Australia (2004.) Eclectic modern classical with an Indian influence. Highly talented and inventive musicians with excellent stage presence and rapport.

  8. Paul Kelly (2)

    In the early 90's in Mebourne, Australia. Fantastic stage presence and a superlative songsmith. An Aussie icon!

  9. Public Image Limited

    In Melbourne, Australia
    Not their tightest gig methinks, compared to their Paris au Printemps release. Good energy though

  10. The Cure

    In Melbourne, Australia
    Just brilliant, back in their Faith, Boys Don't Cry days. Gig for less than 50 in a small upstairs venue, and performed just as they would if playing to 1,000! Absolute professionals in every way.

  11. Rollins Band

    In Melbourne Autralia
    Raw and gritty. Hard street rock played with drive and guts!

  12. Died Pretty

    In Melbourne Australia
    Brilliant Aussie band. Great gig. Lead singer, Ron Peno, a diminutive figure with engaging stage presence.

  13. Marianne Faithfull

    Absolutely rivetting modernised cabaret. A consummate artist delivering the goods!

  14. The Dream Syndicate

    In Melbourne Australia.
    Great gig, bringing their infectious brand of psychedelic rock to the best gig city in Australia

  15. Sonic Youth

    In Melbourne, Australia - at Big Day Out with Iggy Pop, Mudhoney and others. Great set, sprinkled with their grunge classics and with the band in fine form

  16. Mudhoney

    Unfortunately, they were awful!!! Tuneless, monotonous, no stage energy, and unfortunately also really poorly mixed. Worst live performance I have ever had to endure. Went off to get beers after a few songs

  17. Iggy Pop

    Iggy's frenetic on-stage energy made up for the disappointing Mudhoney gig.

  18. The Smashing Pumpkins

    Twice, in Melbourne Australia, once in the early 90's and again in about 1997. Venue for the latter gig was crap acoustically, but they overcame it (and enthralled lively audiences at both gigs)