Artists I’ve Seen Live *Annotated*

updated 8 months ago

I have left out plenty that I can’t remember and the few I’d most like to forget. I will add more as I think of them, though. Some of these are pretty vague memories. There are plenty on here that I adore, but I didn’t shy away from artists I don’t particularly enjoy either.

List of artists I had tickets to see but didn’t, either through their cancellation or mine: Wanda Jackson, Fleetwood Mac, Hot 8 Brass Band, Spider Stacy of The Pogues, and Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit (plus opener Communist Daughter)

  1. The Cure

    I’ve seen The Cure three times. I actually skipped my college graduation to see them.

  2. Mel Muñiz

    Performing with La Familia de Ukeleles and Bourbon Sweethearts

  3. 18


  4. 22

    Hum (2)