Artists, Bands, Musicians (etc.) that I have seen Live

By Willicent Willicent
updated 11 months ago

I saw them live. I may not remember much, but I was there!

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  2. Alice In Chains

    Original Lineup

  3. Andrea Bocelli

    Saw him at Lincoln Center in NYC back in 2006 from a balcony seat.

  4. Asia (2)

    First Concert I attended. I was with my mother and cousin. Stray Cats opened up for them at Blossom Music Center.

  5. Bachman-Turner Overdrive

    They opened for Van Halen on the 5150 tour.

  6. Badly Drawn Boy

    Saw him at a small venue in Cleveland (Coventry) where he stormed off the stage expecting everyone to be quite as if he were John Lennon or something. Quite the spectacle.

  7. The Beat (2)

    The Beachland Ballroom & Tavern

  8. Branford Marsalis

    Both as a solo performer and as part of Sting band off Dream of the Blue Turtles tour.

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