All-time Favourite Artists

By doctrine doctrine
updated 10 months ago

... at least some of them ...

  1. Killing Joke

    No other band has released so many albums I regard as indispensible in my collection, so I regard Killing Joke as the greatest band ever.

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    Another band with an impressive list of milestone albums and - as opposed to KJ - a flawless output. Probably the quintessential act in experimental music.

  3. The Chameleons

    They only relased three albums until they split for the first time, but I cherish all of them and even almost every single song they wrote.

  4. Front Line Assembly

    The band that finally raised my interest in industrial music (although I don't really think they actually are industrial).

  5. Joy Division

    No need for an explanation.

  6. Siouxsie & The Banshees

    Simply best pop band of the 1980s alongside Talk Talk.

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  8. Autechre

    Autechre had an incredible run with their first three albums and related EPs. After that things became a bit volatile.

  9. 11



    Auto Da Fé was my introduction to oldschool industrial.