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there are some albums that barely appear on best-of-lists as they are not spectacular enough or maybe not "that important" within a genre or an artists' career. but after years they still continue to be good companions for us in all kinds of situations. These records are true friends and maybe they were just underrated when they were released...?

  1. Emilíana Torrini* - Fisherman's Woman

    good friend for 10 years now. An album I can always listen to. Due to heavy stress I suffered from a tinnitus in 2005 and didn't listen to any music for four weeks - but this one! as it was the only one that didn't stress me. To me it still remains a masterpiece of understatement. The arrangements are sparse and perfect, the lyrics are personal, the whole mood is peaceful and decelerated. "Nothing brings me down"- that's the essence and the result of the album. Thanks to Emiliana.

  2. Tom Waits - Swordfishtrombones

    I'd never heard anything like that before I put that masterpiece on my turntable for the first time. it still feels fresh after all these years and it's hard to believe it was made in the same year as Michael Jackson's Thriller came out. I would never give this album away.

  3. Edú Lôbo* E Maria Bethânia - Edu E Bethania

    found it in a library, fell in love, slow poison. Headphone record. I think neither Edu Lobo nor Maria Bethania were better afterwards. Compostions, arrangements, singers, recording, everything is just perfect.

  4. The Divine Comedy - A Short Album About Love

    It's hard to pick one album by Neil Hannon as he continuously released high-quality albums and is one of my all-time-favourite songwriters. I think this one is the most convincing concept album he released and it includes "Timewatching".

  5. Scott Walker - Scott 3

    Dark, moody, outworldly masterpiece. Perfect from the first to the last note.
    imagine a world without any music. If I should choose just one record to seduce the inhabitants of this sad place I would choose this album. Probably they will just burn me at the stake cause they simply do not know where to put it and think it's the work of the devil. Or they'll put it on their altars and celebrate the mass to praise the loneliest god of the pop history.

  6. David Bowie - Hunky Dory

    the best bowie album to me. Ch-Ch-Ch-Ch- Changes!!

  7. The Beatles - Revolver

    my first real Beatles-album. Still can sing along every single track of every song.

  8. Vinicius De Moraes Con Maria Creuza Y Toquinho - Vinicius De Moraes En "La Fusa"

    simply beautiful. best interpretations of many of the most important bossa nova songs, recorded in a reduced intimate setting. adorable.

  9. The Decemberists - Picaresque

    A highly gifted storyteller and his amateur theatre group recorded this album in a primary school during holidays. It blew me away and it still does. There isn't anything better of this band. High quality songs all way through.

  10. Roy Harper - Flat Baroque And Berserk

    Found this one on an old Mixtape, lying on the street, simply labeled "Roy Harper"! Blew me away! Very intense!

  11. The Divine Comedy - Absent Friends

    a shame this masterpiece isn't available on vinyl.

  12. Bob Dylan - Hard Rain

    Energetic. Raw. Bob Dylan starts a song and the band joins in after a few metres. It feels like they had a loot of fun. Great song collection, best interpretations! And yes- Dylan can sing! Play this album at the beginning of your livingroom party. Or at the end. You will have many new friends afterwards. And they won't even be aware that it was the record.

  13. Sinéad O'Connor - I Do Not Want What I Haven't Got

    Recently rediscovered. I think Sinead was one of the most courageous & uncompromising artists of the early 90s. Many songs still make me cry.

  14. Depeche Mode - Songs Of Faith And Devotion

    Epic, dark masterpiece. This was my first own CD I bought when I was 13 (yeah CDs were a big thing then...) together with "Slippery when wet" by Bon Jovi (SIC, I know...) and the first one I played in my brandnew CD-player. When I played the first track and heard the noise I thought the player was damaged. It's one of the very few CDs of that time I still own. The Bon Jovi-albums landed in the scrap press a while ago already... ;-)

  15. Beirut - Gulag Orkestar

    I went busking in spain for half a year. This was the only album I had with me. The perfect soundtrack for being on the road.