Optimal Media GmbH

Optimal Media GmbH

German full service media manufacturer, operating under this name since October 1, 2011.
Formerly operating as Optimal Media Production.

Matrix scheme:

(Single letter format identifier, followed by single character year identifier, followed by a 5 digit numeral code, followed by an appended two digit disc numbering).

X is the format identifier:
"A" = CDs
"B" = Vinyl records
"D" = DVDs or Blu-Ray Discs
"E" = Blu-ray Discs

Y is the manufacturing year identifier, since 2010 a single letter (A to Z):
(before 2010 see Optimal Media Production listings)

A = 2010
B = 2011
C = 2012
D = 2013
E = 2014
F = 2015
G = 2016
H = 2017
I = 2018
J = 2019
K = 2020
L = 2021

After the 5 digit numeral code, the 2 digit disc numbering (ZZ) can be found, which starts at "01".
On multi disc releases the last digit usually incrementally rises by 1 for each disc. (Example: Disc 1 = 01, Disc 2 = 02, etc.)

CD: AB57815-01 manufactured by optimal media GmbH
DVD: DC83784-01 manufactured by optimal media GmbH
Vinyl: BJ78101-01 A1

Notes on CDs/DVDs:
• CD and DVD releases additionally carry a "manufactured by optimal media GmbH" string next to the matrix number.
• If the production was done for a manufacturing broker (e.g. Handle With Care), the string often is replaced with the name of the broker.
• The plant's mastering SID codes are: ifpi/IFPI L571, L573, L574, L575, L576, L577, L578, L622 LZ09.

Notes on Vinyl records:
• The matrix number can be either machine stamped or hand etched.
• If initials of a mastering engineer (see the list below) appear next to the matrix number, you can also enter the Lacquer Cut At role for Optimal Media GmbH.
• If there are no mastering engineer initials present, the mastering / lacquer cutting was done externally.
• Due to the nature of the hand etching, the B (format identifier) might be mistaken for a 3, an 8 or a D. Also, G as the second letter, year identifier, can often be confused with the number 9. The numeral 1 can be mistaken for a 7 and the 5 can be mistaken for a √.
• Vinyl releases additionally carry the side positions along with an additional digit, next to the matrix number (see the example below).
• There are sometimes additional, faintly inscribed "geometric" marks. These are added during plating, and are therefore mirrored. They consist of a digit and a symmetrical symbol such as I, +, =, △ (for example I ↾ ). Enter these with the runout string in their non-mirrored form (e.g. "1 I") and note this in the Release Notes (e.g. "1 I mirrored in runouts" - see this example).
• In 2020 matrix numeration reached number BK99999, then started with BK00000 not with BK100000.

Notes on the manufacture date:
• The year of manufacture in some cases may not be equal to the release year.
• The actual release date can be the same year of manufacture or one year later (e.g. manufactured in Dec. and released in Jan.)
• It (normally) cannot be earlier than the year it was manufactured though (there can be certain exceptions).
• Do not derive a release year from the manufacturing date code alone.

How to enter the matrix number in the LCCN fields:
• Please only enter the "XY#####" part, without the appended disc numbering: This is the internal "article number".
• If a release shows 2 or more of these numbers (e.g. multi-format releases), please enter each in a separate field.

Additional notes:
• Even records that come without the characteristic Optimal code can indeed be pressed there. Orders going through certain broker and/or manufacturers won't get
assigned a code for the plating process. With Optimal being one of the biggest pressing plants in Europe, there might be tons of records that were unknowingly pressed there.

Vinyl mastering engineers employed at Optimal Media GmbH:
AM (23)
BW (5)
Heino Leja (HL)
Jörg Peters (JP)
KL (5)
KR (3)
MK (11)
SJ (13)
ST (15)
BK (14)
Parent Label:
Contact Info:
Optimal Media GmbH
Glienholzweg 7
17207 Röbel / Müritz

Tel.: +49 39931 56932

[email protected]


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October 2, 2021
I've never had an issue with the quality of Optimal's work. All these complaints sound like people need to wash their records and change the stylus. My deluxe copy of MBV's Loveless looks and sounds fantastic. My Jarvis Cocker "Jarvis" looks and sounds incredible. My quadrilogy of Eno reissues...you guessed it ... look and sound incredible (IN SPITE of being "half speed masters", but that is some Abbey Road nonsense, NOT Optimal). I could go on and on, but I'll leave it at that. I am thinking about getting RATM 's first LP ( mostly for nostalgia ) and If I do I will definitely seek out the reissue pressed at Optimal.


August 21, 2021
They don't seem to mind selling records that are full of scratches to their customers (and labels don't seem to care as well). What a disaster.


August 21, 2021
Very bad pressing of https://www.discogs.com/Volbeat-Rewind-Replay-Rebound/release/13950350. I like the music but this pressing plant totally ruined the sound. It's not clear sounding. Also both vinyl suffer from scratches.


June 30, 2021
Optimal has become Europe's cheap & quick turnaround go-to next to GZ. And that's not a good thing. The proof is in the pudding.


June 12, 2021
edited 4 months ago
They have ruined so many good releases like https://www.discogs.com/My-Bloody-Valentine-Loveless/release/18793696 or "Kate Bush" new remasters. You can listen many surface noise and static noise. They must fix their plants. This is unacceptable. Kevin Shields should press his new vinyl reissues at "Pallas". I will message them


June 2, 2021
Recently got my copy of Alcest - Ecailles de Lune and it sounds awful. They massacred the whole album. Such beautiful music and so poor pressing.


May 21, 2021
edited 5 months ago
Very bad pressing of https://www.discogs.com/fr/Chris-Brann-Deep-Fall/release/11943477. Tracks A1, A2 & C1 are terrible !!! My other records (20) from this pressing plant are perfect.


May 7, 2021
Non-fill on most records in the last years. QC is severely lacking -_-


April 22, 2021
this is a high-end german pressing plant? The quality of their pressigns is garbage . Audible scratches on a new records and a lot of distortions here and there. Its more like made in china than made in germany quality. From now on boycotting anything that has Optimal as a source.


March 2, 2021
I recently bought Marc Almond's "Chaos And A Dancing Star" that was pressed at this plant and I was surprised that a brand new, sealed record could be this noisy.

It was not only really dusty, but there are also marks that look like glue residue and superficial scratches. The marks can't be removed - neither with Isopropyl alcohol nor L'art du son nor my spin clean-type cleaning machine. There are also a lot of periodic clicks during playback and a rather high noise floor for a new record.