• irishdiscfinder over 5 years ago

    If you are looking for more work to do ( ;-P ), could I suggest that a feature where one can trace when a stock item was added to an inventory would be most helpful. For example, we have over 20k items for sale now, if someone buys a cd single, it could be in one of two or three places due to filing systems...if we could get the date it was added to inventory this would absolutely tell us where to look for it.
    At the moment, we do receive an inventory number when an order is made, but that could involve downloading the entire inventory every time we wanted to find something and searching for that number to give us the date.
    A field could be generated easily from the database to tell us when it went into stock in the first place and this would help to locate items and also give a good indication of shelf time spent by the item.
    Do you think this might be useful?
    Thanks, best regards , and keep up the good work!

    Brian O Kelly
  • Staff 3.4k

    nik over 5 years ago

    Hi - thanks for your feedback. Your idea would be better posted in the official Discogs Marketplace forum https://www.discogs.com/forum/topic/262 , as this group is only set up to discuss the beta 'Tracks' feature part of the database. Cheers!

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