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    nik over 5 years ago

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    This is the new beta feature for the "Tracks" project. "Tracks"

    The ‘Tracks’ feature/project aims to transform all the individual Tracks on every Release in Discogs into active “first-class” entities with their own rich metadata that can be linked with other Discogs entities like Releases, Artists, Labels, etc... These new entities and relationships will enable a broader scope of music research and discovery capabilities, and provide a mechanism to facilitate new types of contributions to the database.

    Key Goals

    * Facilitate the submission of rich relationships between Track Entities to support and promote both advanced research and richer discovery of music data
    * Research song/style/genre origins
    * Discover new tracks by specific artists or groups
    * Enhance automated recommendations and/or provide richer connections between artists and releases via their track-related information
    * Focus track-based interaction into grouped entities (ie. Recording and Composition) to reduce noise and increase coherency when exploring the database
    * Make it possible to start linking various Track Entities to other Discogs entities like Lists, Marketplace Items, etc.

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